My Rumi Translations

"The quality and style of English language translations of Rumi's poetry vary widely. Two early translators, R.A. Nicholson and A.J. Arberry (Scottish and British, respectively) produced literal and semi-literal translations of many of Rumi's works, including a series of the ghazals (love poems) from the Divan, Rumi's collection of miscellaneous verses, in the 19th century. Many of the more familiar English versions, particularly those of Coleman Barks, Andrew Harvey, Jonathan Star, Deepak Chopra, James Cowan, and Kabir Helminski are based on previous literal translations, and are intended primarily to render the spirit of Rumi's work in a form accessible to the Western mind, although frequently at the cost of any attempt at literal accuracy." ~Excerpts from Rumi: Translations Compared

Who Are We?

Quatrain #567 from Rumi's Divan

This molded figure of Mankind-
so strangely assembled though-
is an image drawn in the stable of sorrows.
First as angels, then as demons,
and now acting as bunch of savages,
what kind of spell is this
being so firmly cast upon us, humans?

 مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۵۶۷

این صورت آدمی که درهم بستند
نقشی است که در تویلهٔ غم بستند
گه دیو گهی فرشته گاهی وحشی
این خود چه طلسم است که محکم بستند

Come Join Us

Quatrain # 1 from Rumi's Divan

Come again, come again, 

whoever you are, come again.
Infidel, Fire-Worshiper or Idol-Worshiper, 
it doesn't matter, come again.
Our Sufi Convent is not 
a doorway of hopelessness, 
even if you have broken your vows
a hundred times, come again.

 مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۱

باز آ باز آ هر آنچه هستی باز آ
گر کافر و گبر و بت‌ پرستی باز آ
این درگه ما درگه نومیدی نیست
صد بار اگر توبه شکستی باز آ

This Is Me

Quatrain #1324 from Rumi's Divan

I am sometimes hidden
and sometimes exposed;
sometimes a Muslim, and
sometimes a Christian or a Jew.
For my heart to become embedded
in every heart,
I put on a new face every day. 

  مولانا - دیوان شمس-  رباعی شمارهٔ ۱۳۲۴

مائیم که گه نهان و گه پیدائیم
گه مؤمن و گه یهود و گه ترسائیم
تا این دل ما قالب هر دل گردد
هر روز به صورتی برون می‌آئیم

Quatrain #757 from Rumi's Divan &
Selected Verses from Masnavi ~ Book 2

I am in love with Love
Because Love is my only salvation.

I am in love only with Love (God) 
Someone else is a Muslim!

Your Lover certainly isn't a Muslim
Because in the Religion of Love
There's no such thing as Islam or Infidels!

The Religion of Love is different 
From all other religions.

For true Lovers of Love,
God is their only faith and creed.

 مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۷۵۷
 و مثنوی معنوی - دفتر دوم

ما عاشق عشقیم که عشقست نجات
ما عاشق عشقیم و مسلمان دگراست
عاشق تو یقین دار که مسلمان نبود
درمذهب عشق کفرو ایمان نبود
مذهب عشق زمذهب ها جداست
عاشقان را مذهب و ملت خداست

Don't Fear The Future

Quatrain #976 from Rumi's Divan

Don't be afraid,
if an unexpected turn of events 
suddenly occurs in your life.
Don't be afraid!
No matter what happens, 
it won't last forever.
For once in your lifetime,
don't take your life for granted.
Forget what happened in the past,
and stop being afraid of the future.

 مولانا - دیوان شمس - رباعی شمارهٔ ۹۷۶

از حادثه جهان زاینده مترس
 وازهرچه رسد چو نیست پاینده مترس
 این یکدم عمررا غنیمت می دان
 از رفته میندیش واز آینده مترس

Believe In Yourself

Selected Verses from Masnavi- Book5

All this ocean around you,
yet you want more moisture?
All this life ahead of you,
yet you want to end your life?

You are a good and decent person, 

making everyone around yourself happy.
Why do you have to keep on drinking so much?

You're blessed with high intellect and rational logic.

Blessed by all that God-given talent,
why do you always sell yourself so cheap?

What a pity,

you only rely on books to gain full knowledge of life.

What a pity,
you only seek the sweetness of life from a candy.

What a pity,
You are an ocean of knowledge,

yet still hiding behind your excuses of moisture.

What a pity,
You are a full grown adult, 
yet still hiding behind the high walls 
of your childish doubts.

What a pity,
you are a shining bright Sun,
yet still trapped inside the dark prison of 
your own inferiority complexes.

Do you still need more proofs 

to learn and appreciate
what you already have in life?

Look at your soul

how it's also shackled and imprisoned
inside your own dark cage of pessimism
along with you.

A simple atom makes its journey
all the way to the shining Sun.
If an atom could it, so can you.
Go get some much needed help!

A simple drop of wine makes it

all the way to the Divine jar of life.
If a drop could do it, so can you.
Go drink only from that Divine jar!

گزيده ابياتي از مثنوي معنوي - دفتر پنجم -

اي همه دريا چه خواهي نم ؟

واي همه هستي چه مي جويي عدم؟
تو خوش و خوبي و كان هرخوشي
تو چرا خود منت باده كشي؟
اي غلامت عقل و تدبيرات و هوش
چون چنيني خويش را ارزان فروش ؟
علم جويي از كتب ها اي فسوس
ذوق جويي تو زحلوا , اي فسوس
بحر علمي , درنمي پنهان شده
در سه گز تن عالمي پنهان شده
مي چه باشد يا سماع و يا جماع؟
تا بجويي زو نشاط و انتفاع
جان بي كيفي شده محبوس كيف
آفتابي حبس عقده , اينت حيف
آفتاب از ذره يي شد وام خواه
زهره يي از خمره يي شد جام خواه

Face Your Problems Head On

Selected Verses from Ghazal/Ode #1848
~ from Rumi's Divan ~

What's the task of a Lover,
if not behaving completely insane?!
What's the flirting of a Lover,
if not pretending to be a complete stranger?!
Go and learn from an atom
how to get entirely dissolved into the Light.
Go and learn from a moth
how to man up in front of a burning flame.
Go and step out right into your battlefields
like a brave and roaring lion.
Don't even think for an instant
how your battles might begin or end.
Do you know embarrassing it is
for a brave lion not to face a scared fox?!

گزیده ابیات ازغزل شماره  ۱۸۴۸ مولانا 

چه باشد پیشه عاشق بجز دیوانگی کردن
چه باشد ناز معشوقان بجز بیگانگی کردن
ز هر ذره بیاموزید پیش نور برجستن
ز پروانه بیاموزید آن مردانگی کردن
چو شیر مست بیرون جه نه اول دان و نه آخر
که آید ننگ شیران را ز روبه شانگی کردن

Tale Of The Reed-Flute

Here is my translation of Rumi's famous "Song of the Reed" which is also known as "Tale of the Reed", or the "First Eighteen Verses of Masnavi", better known in Farsi as 'Ney Namah - ني نامه', literally Reed-Flute Epistle. Rumi scholars unanimously concur that the prologue of 'Reed Flute Epistle' or 'Song of the Reed'- as it's known in the West - is indeed Rumi's majestic synopsis or summary of his entire masterpiece, Masnavi Manavi or the Rhymed Couplets of Profound Spiritual Meanings, in eighteen verses. The Reed- Flute or Ney - ني  in these highly spiritual and mystical verses is none other than Rumi himself complaining of separation from his Source; and his lifelong longing for the ultimate mystical reunion with his Beloved, the Ultimate Truth or God. 

In her outstanding book, The Triumphal Sun: A Study of the Works of Jalaloddin Rumi, the German-born scholar of Rumi, late professor Annemarie Schimmel explains Rumi's metaphorical usage of ney or reed-flute: "The reed flute provided Rumi with an ideal symbol of the soul which can utter words only when touched by the lips of the Beloved, and moved by the breath of the spiritual master, an idea expressed before him by Sana'i. Man, cut off from the eternal ground of his existence, like the flute from the reed-bed, becomes resonant in separation and tells the secrets of love and longing. Jalaloddin often saw himself, in the pangs of separation, passionately complaining like the reed, and felt the inspiration through Shams enter into his empty heart like the breath of a flute player. Does not the flute open nine or ten eyes in order to behold the Friend? In repetitious verses Rumi has alluded to the enrapturing power of the ney which, hands and feet cut off, deprives people of hands and feet, i.e., carries away their reason.The reed flute has suffered; its head has been cut, exactly like that of the reed pen hence both instruments are media to convey information about the Beloved, one by singing, the other by writing. Likewise the ney is connected with the sugar cane, both are filled with the Friend's sweetness; both are dancing already in the reed-bed or in the field in the hope of the lip of the Beloved..."

Rumi is simply at his best in using reed-flute as a metaphor to poetically demonstrating Man's predicament in his or her spiritual journey upon the enlightenment path of Sufism, or any other mystical path for that matter, in search of God. I hope my translation can capture Rumi's profoundly mystical and metaphorical outpourings.

Tale Of The Reed Flute

~From Rumi's Masnavi ~ Book #1~

Listen to the reed-flute as it tells a story 
And complains of separations:

بشنو از نی چون حکایت می ‌کند
از جداییها شکایت می ‌کند

"Ever since I was cut from the reed-field
Men and women have moaned over of my wailing.

کز نیستان تا مرا ببریده‌اند
در نفیرم مرد و زن نالیده‌اند

I want a chest sliced open, sliced open by separation
So I can explain the pain of my longing.

سینه خواهم شرحه شرحه از فراق
تا بگویم شرح درد اشتیاق

Anyone who's been separated from the Source
Longs for the day of the reunion.

هر کسی کو دور ماند از اصل خویش
باز جوید روزگار وصل خویش

I've voiced my complaints in every gathering
I've joined the company of good and bad people.

من به هر جمعیتی نالان شدم
جفت بد حالان و خوش‌ حالان شدم

Everyone became my friend out of their own curiosity
But no one looked for my secrets from the inside of me.

هرکسی از ظن خود شد یار من
از درون من نجست اسرار من

My secrets are not that far away from my wailing
But their eyes and ears don't have that Light yet.

سر من از نالهٔ من دور نیست
لیک چشم و گوش را آن نور نیست

Neither flesh is veiled from soul nor soul from flesh
Yet no one is allowed to see the soul.

تن ز جان و جان ز تن مستور نیست
لیک کس را دید جان دستور نیست

The wailing of this flute blows raging flame, not hot air
May anyone who's not already on fire, be annihilated!

آتشست این بانگ نای و نیست باد
هر که این آتش ندارد نیست باد

It is the fire of love which has filled this flute
It is the fervor of love which has filled this wine.

آتش عشقست کاندر نی فتاد
جوشش عشقست کاندر می فتاد

The flute rivals anyone who's been dumped by a lover
The sad notes of the flute tear our veils apart.

نی حریف هرکه از یاری برید
پرده‌هااش پرده‌های ما درید

Has anyone seen anything like this reed-flute:
Being poison but also antidote for that poison?
Being so overconfident but also so overanxious?

همچو نی زهری و تریاقی کی دید
همچو نی دمساز و مشتاقی کی دید

The flute narrates tales of a blood-soaked path
And the love stories of the mad-lover, Majnoon.

نی حدیث راه پر خون می‌کند
قصه‌های عشق مجنون می‌کند

The conscious of this logic is none but the unconscious one
Because a tongue only has an ear as its loyal customer!

محرم این هوش جز بیهوش نیست
مر زبان را مشتری جز گوش نیست

My days have turned into nights because of my sorrows
My days are being accompanied with my burning pains.

در غم ما روزها بیگاه شد
روزها با سوزها همراه شد

If days have gone by too fast, say: Go ahead, no fear!
You stay here, o the one who are unmatched in purity.

 روزها گر رفت گو رو باک نیست
تو بمان ای آنک چون تو پاک نیست

Everyone gets fed up with water except the fish
For anyone who's starving, the day drags on too long!

هر که جز ماهی ز آبش سیر شد
هرکه بی روزیست روزش دیر شد

The raw one never understands how the burned one feels
But I need to make this long story short, so goodbye!"

در نیابد حال پخته هیچ خام
پس سخن کوتاه باید والسلام

Tale Of The Reed Flute

~From Rumi's Masnavi ~ Book #1~

Listen to the reed-flute as it tells a story 
And complains of separations:
"Ever since I was cut from the reed-field
Men and women have moaned over of my wailing.
I want a chest sliced open, sliced open by separation
So I can explain the pain of my longing.
Anyone who's been separated from the Source
Longs for the day of the reunion.
I've voiced my complaints in every gathering
I've joined the company of good and bad people.
Everyone became my friend out of their own curiosity
But no one looked for my secrets from the inside of me.
My secrets are not that far away from my wailing
But their eyes and ears don't have that Light yet.
Neither flesh is veiled from soul nor soul from flesh
Yet no one is allowed to see the soul.
The wailing of this flute blows raging flame, not hot air
May anyone who's not already on fire, be annihilated!
It is the fire of love which has filled this flute
It is the fervor of love which has filled this wine.
The flute rivals anyone who's been dumped by a lover
The sad notes of the flute tear our veils apart.
Has anyone seen anything like this reed-flute:
Being poison but also antidote for that poison?
Being so overconfident but also overanxious?
The reed-flute narrates tales of a blood-soaked path
And the love stories of the mad-lover, Majnoon.
The conscious of this logic is none but the unconscious one
Because a tongue only has an ear as its loyal customer!
My days have turned into nights because of my sorrows
My days are being accompanied with my burning pains.
If days have gone by too fast, say: Go ahead, no fear!
You stay here, o the one who are unmatched in purity.
Everyone gets fed up with water except the fish
For anyone who's starving, the day drags on too long!
The raw one never understands how the burned one feels
But I need to make this long story short, so goodbye!"

ني نامه  
  مولانا - مثنوی معنوی - دفتر اول

بشنو از نی چون حکایت می ‌کند
از جداییها حکایت می ‌کند
کز نیستان تا مرا ببریده‌اند
در نفیرم مرد و زن نالیده‌اند
سینه خواهم شرحه شرحه از فراق
تا بگویم شرح درد اشتیاق
هر کسی کو دور ماند از اصل خویش
باز جوید روزگار وصل خویش
من به هر جمعیتی نالان شدم
جفت بدحالان و خوش‌حالان شدم
هرکسی از ظن خود شد یار من
از درون من نجست اسرار من
سر من از نالهٔ من دور نیست
لیک چشم و گوش را آن نور نیست
تن ز جان و جان ز تن مستور نیست
لیک کس را دید جان دستور نیست
آتشست این بانگ نای و نیست باد
هر که این آتش ندارد نیست باد
آتش عشقست کاندر نی فتاد
جوشش عشقست کاندر می فتاد
نی حریف هرکه از یاری برید
پرده‌هااش پرده‌های ما درید
همچو نی زهری و تریاقی کی دید
همچو نی دمساز و مشتاقی کی دید
نی حدیث راه پر خون می‌کند
قصه‌های عشق مجنون می‌کند
محرم این هوش جز بیهوش نیست
مر زبان را مشتری جز گوش نیست
در غم ما روزها بیگاه شد
روزها با سوزها همراه شد
روزها گر رفت گو رو باک نیست
تو بمان ای آنک چون تو پاک نیست
هر که جز ماهی ز آبش سیر شد
هرکه بی روزیست روزش دیر شد
در نیابد حال پخته هیچ خام
پس سخن کوتاه باید والسلام

Religious Tolerance in Rumi's Poetry

Quatrain #305 from Rumi's Divan

In the path of seeking,
a wise and a fool are the same.
In the religion of love,
a stranger and a friend are the same.
For the lover who's already intoxicated
by the wine of reunion with the Beloved-
in his or her faith-
Muslims' House of Allah 
and Hindus' Temple of Idols
are the same.

مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۳۰۵

در راه طلب عاقل و دیوانه یکیست
در شیوه عشق خویش و بیگانه یکیست
آنرا که شراب وصل جانان دادند
درمذهب او کعبه و بتخانه یکیست

Quatrain #124 from Rumi's Divan

Close your fault seeking eyes
and open your spiritual eye
So you don't differentiate
between a Mosques and a Temple of Idols.
So you don't draw any distinction
between this believer or that believer.

مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۱۲۴

بر بند دو چشم عیب بین را
بگشای دو چشم غیب دان را
تا مسجد و بتکده نماند
تا نشناسی این و آن را

Quatrain #157 from Rumi's Divan

There is a whole other "Field' out there
beyond just Islam and Infidels.
I'm very interested
to get to know that "Environment".

When the Sufi mystics reach that realm,
they simply lay their heads down.
Because in that inclusive "Environment"
there is no room for Islam or Infidels.

مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۱۵۷

از کفر و زاسلام برون صحراییست
ما را بمیان آنفضا، سوداییست
عارف چو بدان رسید سر را بنهد
نه کفر و نه اسلام و نه آنجا جاییست

Quatrain #255 from Rumi's Divan

Out beyond the worlds of Islam and Infidels,
there lies an egalitarian "World"
where no one is better, worse, or
more significant than the other.

If you're interested in moving
to that unique "World",
you must first leave you heart and soul
as deposit with its Soul Master (God)!

مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۲۵۵

بیرون ز جهان کفر و ایمان جاییست
کانجا نه مقام هر تر و رعناییست
جان باید داد و دل بشکرانه ی جان
آنرا که تمنای چنین مأواییست

Quatrain #172 from Rumi's Divan

He (God) lives deep inside
the inner and outer parts of my heart,
every single part of my heart belongs to Him.

He (God) dwells deep inside my body,
my veins, and my blood,
every single part of my body belongs to Him.

How could then there still be a place
for Islam or Infidels inside my heart,
if my entire being belongs to Him?

مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۱۷۲

اندر دل من درون و بیرون همه اوست
اندر تن من جان و رگ و خون همه اوست
اینجای چگونه کفر و ایمان گنجد
بیچون باشد وجود من چون همه اوست

Quatrain #301 from Rumi's Divan

If the presence of my Beloved
can be traced in Hindus' Temple of Idols,
then it will be a sin for me 
 going to Muslims' House of Allah (Ka`aba)
and circle around it.

If the fragrance of my Beloved
cannot be traced in Muslims' House of Allah,
then I should start looking around
for a Jewish Synagogue.

For the sake of tracing
the scent of my Beloved's mystical union,
the Jewish Synagogue can be 
my Muslims' House of Allah.

مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۳۰۱

در بتکده تا خیال معشوهٔ ما است
رفتن به طواف کعبه در عین خطا است
گر کعبه از او بوی ندارد کنشت است
با بوی وصال اوکنشت کعبهٔ ما است

Selected Verses from Masnavi ~ Book 6

Muslims, Christians, Jews,
Fire-Worshipers and Idol-Worshipers,
We all journey in our own ways
Towards the Almighty Sultan (God).

مولانا - مثنوی معنوی - دفتر ششم

مومن و ترسا یهود و گبر و مغ
جمله را سوی آن سلطان الغ

Selected Verses from Ghazal/Ode #680
~ from Rumi's Divan ~

The sign of my Faith can only be traced
beyond Islam and Infidels.
I run away from Islamic sects and denominations,
I know nothing about non-Muslims' Zonar Belt.*

*Here is a quick explanation of Zonar Belt: Throughout the Islamic history, non-Muslims who lived in Islamdom or Islamic societies were forced to wear a Yellow Belt (known as Zonar), a distinctive shawl or girdle, or a yellow badge (similar to Christians' infamous Jewish Badge) to be segregated and distinguished from Muslims. 

گزیده ابیات ازغزل شماره ٦٨٠ مولانا 

 از کفر و ز اسلام برون است نشانم 
 از فرقه گريزانم و زنارندانم

O People Gone On Hajj Pilgrimage,
 Where Are You?

Ghazal/Ode #648 from Rumi's Divan

O people gone on Hajj Pilgrimage,
Where are you? Where are you?
The Beloved is right here
Come on back, come on back!

Your Beloved is your next-door neighbor-
Why are you wandering in the Arabian deserts?

If you take a really good look 
At your Beloved's faceless face,
You will get to see that the Master,
The Holy House and the Ka'aba
Are all in reality You!

You've already journeyed ten times
On the path of Hajj Pilgrimage
To visit that Holy House.
For once in your life,
Also climb up to the roof of your own house!

That Holy House is indeed magnificent,
You've already talked about its many wonders.
But from the Master of that House,
Did you even get its correct address?

Where is your flower bouquet
If you've seen that Divine Garden?

Where is your soul's pearly essence
If you now belong to Lord's Divine Ocean?

Well, despite of it all,
May all your sufferings 
Turn into your treasures.
Alas, you're always veiling 
Your own treasures.
~ Rumi ~ My Translation ~ 

Rumi's above mystical poem is one of my all time favorites. This deeply meaningful poem clearly manifests Rumi's profound mystical Sufi argument that a believer's "Inner" reality always outweighs the "Outer" practices and rituals of his or her Faith. 

Through these highly mystical and meaningful verses, Rumi is effectively teaching us that while it's a noble Islamic cause and a Muslim's lifelong obligation to embark on the Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, our genuine pilgrimage must first start by not only helping our next-door neighbors and loved ones under our own roofs, but also by embarking on the Sufi mystical pilgrimage deep within our own Self in search of our own hidden inner realities. 

~ Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the 'Five Pillars' of the Islamic Faith, and also a once-in-a-lifetime obligation for any Muslim who has the physical and financial ability to undertake the Journey. 

~ By Ka'aba (House of Allah/God), Rumi is referring to the Cube-shaped structure in Mecca, Saudi Arabia where Muslim make their annual Hajj Pilgrimage (see above image).

Rumi is simply at his best in this short poem. I hope my translation can capture Maulana Rumi's intended Sufi mystical messages and teachings. 

غزل شماره ۶۴۸ مولانا از دیوان شمس تبریزی یا دیوان کبیر

ای قوم به حج رفته کجایید کجایید

معشوق همین جاست بیایید بیایید
معشوق تو همسایه و دیوار به دیوار
در بادیه سرگشته شما در چه هوایید
گر صورت بیصورت معشوق ببینید
هم خواجه و هم خانه و هم کعبه شمایید
ده بار از آن راه بدان خانه برفتید
یک بار از این خانه بر این بام برآیید
آن خانه لطیفست نشانهاش بگفتید
از خواجه آن خانه نشانی بنمایید
یک دسته گل کو اگر آن باغ بدیدیت
یک گوهر جان کو اگر از بحر خدایید
با این همه آن رنج شما گنج شما باد
افسوس که بر گنج شما پرده شمایید

Selected Verses from Masnavi ~ Book 6

Love is my Religion
and I'm alive only because of Love.
Living like an orthodox Muslim  
is a burden for my body and soul!

مولانا - مثنوی معنوی - دفتر ششم

دين من از عشق زنده بودن است
 زندگى زين جان و تن ننگ من است

Quatrain #253 from Rumi's Divan

If you journey upon the Path without any vision,
You will end up committing many errors.
But if you solely rely on your sight,
You will end up shooting yourself in the eye!

As for those believers who are turned away
From a Muslim Mosque or a Christian Church,
Do you have any idea 
where their Holy House of Worship is actually at?!

مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۲۵۳

  بی دیده اگر راه روی عین خطاست
 بر دیده اگر تکیه زدی تیر بلاست
 در صومعه ومدرسه از راه مجاز 
آنرا که نه جا است تو چه دانی که کجاست

Rumi On The Religion Of Love ~

Ghazal/Ode 499 from His Divan ~

Love is nothing but the eternal divine blessings.
Love is nothing but sheer abundance of good fortunes.
Love is nothing but total openness of the heart.
Love is nothing but the ever righteous divine guidance.

Get your own self annihilated in Love.
Crush your own selfish ego for Love.
There is no bigger error
than still clinging on to your material existence.

In the amazing Religion of Love,
there is no chapters-after-chapters reading
of a holy book!

In the Religion of Love,
the holiest chapters are
the sacred verses of love.

In the Religion of Love,
the holy verses recitation involves:
joyous singing, ecstatic chanting, and
love intoxication from start to finish!

In the Religion of Love,
once you're converted into a true lover of love,
YOU - Yourself - are the holy verses and
the reciter of those holy verses of love!

If you see a so called lover acting all sour and bitter,
be sure of this: he or she is neither a true lover
nor a faithful follower of Religion of Love.

Any lover who is not yet fully aware 
of the strict rules of Religion of Love,
is a novice disciple barely starting the journey
upon the long and arduous path of love.

Don't ever go astray from the righteous path of love.
Go and faithfully fulfill all your love-required duties.
No seeker of love can journey upon the path of love
without first fulfilling all his or her love-required duties.

We're all doubtful about virtually everything till the end,
but in the undoubted Religion of Love,
there is no second-guessing or beginning or end!

Lovers are already drowned in the sweet waters of love.
So for the already sweetened lovers,
it doesn't really matter if more sugar is brought in
from Egypt or wherever!

Every living thing needs water to survive.
Have you ever seen a lover surviving
without the water of love?

Enough of these Religion of Love explanations.
One thing should be perfectly clear by now:
The water of love analogy above 
is the irrefutable proof that we all need love to survive.

Well, there is no need for me to keep on preaching
or to further torturing my fellow love-thirsty lovers!
~ Rumi ~ My Translation ~

مولانا درشرح وتفسیر ؛مذهب عشق؛

-غزل شماره ۴۹۹ ازدیوان شمس تبریزی-

عشق جز دولت و عنايت نيست

جز گشاد دل و هدايت نيست
لايجوز و يجوز تا اجل ست
علم عشاق را نهايت نيست
عاشقان غرقه اند در شکراب
از شکر مصر را شکايت نيست
جان مخمور چون نگويد شکر
باده اي را که حد و غايت نيست
هر که را پرغم و ترش ديدي
نيست عاشق و زان ولايت نيست
گر نه هر غنچه پرده باغي ست
غيرت و رشک را سرايت نيست
مبتدي باشد اندر اين ره عشق
آنک او واقف از بدايت نيست
نيست شو نيست از خودي زيرا
بتر از هستيت جنايت نيست
هيچ راعي مشو رعيت شو
راعيي جز سد رعايت نيست
خواجه جز مستي تو در ره دين
آيتي ز ابتدا و غايت نيست
آيتي تو و طالب آيت
به ز آيت طلب خود آيت نيست
بي رهي ور نه در ره کوشش
هيچ کوشنده بي جرايت نيست
چونک مثقال ذره يره است
ذره زله بي نکايت نيست
ذره خير بي گشادي نيست
چشم بگشا اگر عمايت نيست
هر نباتي نشاني آب است
چيست کان را از او جبايت نيست
بس کن اين آب را نشاني هاست
تشنه را حاجت وصايت نيست

~ Life's Unanswered Questions ~

Ghazal/Ode #132 from Rumi's Divan

Every single day I ponder over these questions
and night after night I'm asking myself:

Why am I so ignorant of 
what's really going on inside my heart?
What am I doing here?
Where have I come from?
What's my reason for being here?
Where do I go from here?

Everything seems so strange
all around me these days
and I keep on asking myself:

Why God had to create me in the first place?
For what purpose?
Why did He bring me here into this world?
Why doesn't He let me 
get settled down somewhere in here?

I know for sure that my soul 
will ultimately ascend to His upper realms,
but I'd rather let go of everything right now
and fly up high into the sky at once.

I'm a bird from the heavenly Gardens of Paradise,
I'm not from this dusty earth.
My body's trapped in this worldly cage 
for just two or three days.

The happiest day of my life is the day
when I finally fly away towards my Friend,
flapping my wings faster than ever
to quickly reach my Friend's upper realms.

Who is hiding inside my ears 
listening to my own tunes?
Who is hiding inside my mouth 
putting words into it?
Who is hiding inside my eyes 
looking out into the unknown?
What kind of soul is this 
totally naked soul of mine?

Don't tell me God is also 
the shirt for my naked soul.

I won't remain idle 
or take a brake even for an instant,
Until through my striving and searching
You finally show me 
my path and my destination.

Give me a taste of your wine of reunion
so I can smash the gates of 
this worldly prison
with my loud cries of God-intoxication.

I didn't make it here all by myself 
so I can just leave on my own,
You've dragged me all the way out here,
so you need to take me back 
to where I've come from.

Don't think that I always express myself 
through poetry.
When I'm awake and not intoxicated,
I don't think about poetry 
even for an instant.

Shams of Tabriz!
If you would turn around 
and show your face to me again,
I swear to God that I'd shatter 
my already dead and decomposed body
into a thousand pieces for you.

غزل شمارهٔ ۱۳۲ مولانا از ديوان كبير

روزها فکر من اینست و همه شب سخنم

که چرا غافل از احوال دل خویشتنم
از کجا آمده ام آمدنم بهر چه بود
به کجا می روم آخر ننمایی وطنم
مانده ام سخت عجب کز چه سبب ساخت مرا
یا چه بوده است مراد وی ازین ساختنم
جان که از عالم علوی است یقین می دانم
رخت خود باز برآنم که همانجا فکنم
مرغ باغ ملکوتم نیم از عالم خاک
دو سه روزی قفسی ساخته اند از بدنم
ای خوش آنروز که پرواز کنم تا بر دوست
به هوای سر کویش، پر و بالی بزنم
کیست در گوش که او می شنود آوازم
یا کدامست سخن می نهد اندر دهنم؟
کیست در دیده که از دیده برون می نگرد
یا چه جان است نگویی که منش پیرهنم
تا به تحقیق مرا منزل و ره ننمایی
یک دم آرام نگیرم نفسی دم نزنم
می وصلم بچشان تا در زندان ابد
از سرعربده مستانه به هم در شکنم
من به خود نامدم اینجا که به خود باز روم
آنکه آورد مرا باز برد در وطنم
تو مپندار که من شعر به خود می گویم
تا که هشیارم و بیداریکی دم نزنم
شمس تبریزاگر روی به من بنمایی
والله این قالب مردار به هم درشکنم

Rumi on Christmas - Birth of Jesus

Selected Verses from Masnavi ~ Book 2

Jesus is the Reason for the Season,
Christmas is Christ's Holy Season.

During the Christmas Season,
People tend to be nicer to each other;
They smile more and act a lot less rude!

مولانا - مثنوی معنوی - دفتر دوم

دوردورعیسی بود وایام مسیح
 خلق دل دار و کم‌ آزار و ملیح

Rumi on Easter - Resurrection of Jesus

Selected Verses from Masnavi ~ Book 3

Muslims don't, but Christians do believe
That Jesus was indeed crucified on the cross.

Today, don't look for any healing by Jesus
For Christ is still roaming the earth.
When Jesus ascended into the Heaven 
His healing miracles also died for us all.

Where is our sweet-breathed Jesus
Who no longer needs the motherly interventions of
His immaculate virgin mother, Mary?

Where is our sweet-breathed Jesus
To tear to pieces the veil which has darkened
The hearts of so many Christians these days?

Even if the Antichrist manages to ignite
The biggest fire of sorrows and despairs,
Don't be afraid of the those fake flames,
Don't be afraid!
Jesus shall draw his sword at the Final Battle 
To punish the wrongdoer Antichrist and his armies.

Jesus is the good health to an already aging body.
Jesus is the promise of Hereafter to an immortal soul.

Keep on waiting for the sign of Jesus
In his promised Second Coming.
Believe in Christ's ultimate return 
Right before the Judgment Day.

مولانا - مثنوی معنوی - دفتر سوم

آن گمان ترسا برد مــؤمن نــدارد آن گمــان
كــو مسيح خــويشتن را بــر چليپا مي كشد
اکنون مکن دوا که مسیح تو برزمینست
چون شد مسیح بسوی فلک فوت شد دوا
کو آن مسیح خوش دمی بی‌واسطه مریم یمی
کز وی دل ترسا همی پاره کند زنار را
 دجال غم چون آتشی گسترد ز آتش مفرشی
 کو عیسی خنجرکشی دجال بدکردار را
 تن را سلامت‌ها ز تو جان را قیامت‌ ها ز تو
عیسی علامت‌ ها ز تو وصل قیامت وار را

Rumi on Miracles of Jesus

Create Miracles in Your Life
(Just Like The Miracles of Jesus) 

By Rumi  ~ from Masnavi - Book 3 - Story of the sick and needy ones who showed up every early dawn by the door of Christ’s House hoping to get healed and cured by holy Jesus - peace be upon him -

The House of Jesus always has a table spread
for the people of the heart.
O sick and needy ones of this world,
haste, haste, go and patiently wait 
by the door of Christ's House.

Pay attention to how Jesus performed his miracles:

From every corner,
the poor, the maimed, the deaf and the blind
would all gather in the early hours of dawn
and patiently wait by the door of House of Jesus
hoping to be healed by the Breath of Christ.

Jesus would spend the entire morning
praying in solitude and silence.
Holy Jesus would come out around noon
to witness a large multitude of sick and needy
waiting to be cured and healed by him.

Jesus would then address the crowd:
"O afflicted ones of this world,
by the infinite kindness and grace of my Lord,
your prayers and wishes had just been answered.
Get up and walk without any pain and suffering,

By the sheer power of the breath and prayers of Christ,
they'd all quickly get up like a bunch of freed camels - 
whose legs had been tied up in chains for so long -
and rush back happily towards their loved ones
completely healed and cured.

That's how Jesus performed his miracles.

Have you ever thought of learning how to deal
with your own pain and sufferings?
Have you found your own spiritual well-being
through any master of faith?
Have you looked for any cure 
for your own spiritual lameness?
When will you finally decide to heal
your own sad and afflicted soul?

O you greedy creatures of this materialistic world,
tie up some rope of spirituality around your legs
so you don't lose yourself in this material-obsessed world.
So you don't end up being mistreated and abused
like a low-life and badly battered street hustler.

Why are you always so forgetful and ungrateful to everyone?
Why are you always feeling so bitter about your life?
Your loved ones don't remember seeing you
enjoying a sweet moment in your life.

If you continue to go down this self-destructive path,
you will end up making everyone around yourself
getting sick and tired of you.
At the end, all the doors will be shut in your face.

Go and quickly reach out to your estranged loved ones.
Go and honestly seek their forgiveness.
Like the pregnant clouds of a pouring Spring rain
go ahead and cry a river over their shoulders.

So they can hopefully forgive you.
So you can bloom again in their flower gardens.
So you can once again taste
each other's sweet fruits of friendship.

Never break someone's trust and confidence in you.
Never give people reasons to judge you as untrustworthy.
Many dogs are untrustworthy because of their untruthful owners.
A trusted dog is the pure reflection of a trustful owner.

The sorrow and emptiness you carry in your life
are like an old tree that grows long roots
deep inside your rusted soul.

The base of your tree is openly visible,
but the roots are always hidden.
The hardest problems and widest possible solutions
of your life are both deeply rooted
inside the base of your tree of life.

If the base of your tree is rotten, chop it off!
Plant a new tree. Start a brand new life.
You don't want infected roots destroying
an otherwise beautiful rose garden,
do you?

If you're faced with challenges in your life,
seek to overcome those challenges.
No house can survive without a solid foundation.

Life always offers us a vast array of opportunities.
Seize life's opportunities by expanding your horizons.
Broaden your outlook on life,
so you can reap the fruits of your own labor.

O Lord, 
O the Lord of Grace and Beneficence,
I know very little. I don't know anything.

O Lord, 
You are the One who knows everything.

O Lord, 
You've commanded me to always remember You.

O Lord, 
Your remembrance never gets old or boring to me.

مثنوی معنوی - دفتر سوم - مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي
جمع آمدن اهل آفت هر صباحی بر در صومعهٔ عیسی علیه السلام جهت طلب شفا به دعای او

 صومعهٔ عیسیست خوان اهل دل
هان و هان ای مبتلا این در مهل
جمع گشتندی ز هر اطراف خلق
از ضریر و لنگ و شل و اهل دلق
بر در آن صومعهٔ عیسی صباح
تا بدم اوشان رهاند از جناح
او چو فارغ گشتی از اوراد خویش
چاشتگه بیرون شدی آن خوب‌کیش
جوق جوقی مبتلا دیدی نزار
شسته بر در در امید و انتظار
گفتی ای اصحاب آفت از خدا
حاجت این جملگانتان شد روا
هین روان گردید بی رنج و عنا
سوی غفاری و اکرام خدا
جملگان چون اشتران بسته‌پای
که گشایی زانوی ایشان برای
خوش دوان و شادمانه سوی خان
از دعای او شدندی پا دوان
آزمودی تو بسی آفات خویش
یافتی صحت ازین شاهان کیش
چند آن لنگی تو رهوار شد
چند جانت بی غم و آزار شد
ای مغفل رشته‌ای بر پای بند
تا ز خود هم گم نگردی ای لوند
ناسپاسی و فراموشی تو
یاد ناورد آن عسل‌نوشی تو
لاجرم آن راه بر تو بسته شد
چون دل اهل دل از تو خسته شد
زودشان در یاب و استغفار کن
همچو ابری گریه‌های زار کن
تا گلستانشان سوی تو بشکفد
میوه‌های پخته بر خود وا کفد
بی‌وفایی چون سگان را عار بود
بی‌وفایی چون روا داری نمود
غصه بیخست و بروید شاخ بیخ
بیخ پنهان بود هم شد آشکار
قبض و بسط اندرون بیخی شمار
چونک بیخ بد بود زودش بزن
تا نروید زشت‌خاری در چمن
قبض دیدی چارهٔ آن قبض کن
زانک سرها جمله می‌روید ز بن
بسط دیدی بسط خود را آب ده
چون بر آید میوه با اصحاب ده
ای خداوند ای قدیم احسان تو
آنک دانم وانک نه هم آن تو
تو بفرمودی که حق را یاد کن
زانک حق من نمی‌گردد کهن

Rumi On Jews & Holy Torah

May the Jews have 
Two hundred blessed Sabbaths.
May the owls be allowed 
To live among the ruins.

باد دو صد شنبه از آن یهود
عالم ویرانه به جغدان حلال
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

A devout Jew attends a Jewish Synagogue
To worship Lord, the One God.
While a non-believer chases
The worldly material possessions.

وآن دگر بهر ترهب در کنشت
وآن یکی اندر حریصی سوی کشت
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

YOU (GOD) are the One I worship
whether in a Muslim Mosque
or in a Jewish Synagogue.

YOU (GOD) are the One I seek
whether searching for You
high up above or way down below.

تویی معبود در کعبه و کنشتم
تویی مقصود از بالا و پستم
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

In the eyes of any Muslim
Who is an open-minded believer,
Every Jew is a wool-wearing Sufi mystic.

پیش آن چشمی که باز و رهبرست
هر گلیمی را کلیمی در برست
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

If the presence of my Beloved is felt
inside the Hindus' Temple of Idols,
then it'll be a sin for me 
going to Muslims' House of Allah (Ka'aba) 
and circle around it.

If the fragrance of my Beloved cannot be traced
 inside the Muslims' House of Allah (Ka'aba),
then I should look around for a Jewish Synagogue.

For the sake of tracing the scent
of my Beloved's mystical union,
 the Jewish Synagogue will be
my Muslim Ka'aba from now on.

در بتکده تا خیال معشوهٔ ما است
رفتن به طواف کعبه در عین خطا است
گر کعبه از او بوی ندارد کنشت است
با بوی وصال اوکنشت کعبهٔ ما است
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

When Moses, the 'Speaker with God'
approached the burning bush,
the raging flames called unto him:
"Remove your shoes and jump in,
I carry the soothing freshwater 
from our Lord's Rivers of Paradise."

چونک کلیم حق بشد سوی درخت آتشین
گفت من آب کوثرم کفش برون کن و بیا
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Just like archangel Gabriel who
dreams about meeting Jesus or Moses,
You can also dream about reaching
the celestial Lote-Tree of the Extremity.*

Worrying over losing the Love of Lord, our God,
Moses shed many tears of blood on Mount Sinai.
Then Lord appeared to him as a Voice
and strengthened his resolve and faith.

* by ~Lote-Tree of the Extremity~, Rumi is referring to the following: "According to Islamic beliefs, Sidrat al-Muntahā - سدرة المنتهى‎‎ is a Lote Tree that marks the end of the Seventh Heaven, the boundary where no creation can pass. During the Night Journey and Heavenly Ascension of Prophet Muhammad, being the only one allowed, he traveled with the archangel Gabriel to the Lote-Tree of the Extremity where it is said that God assigned the five daily prayers to his followers, the Muslims. The Lote-Tree of the Extremity is mentioned in the Quran - Chapter 53 -The Star - Verses 10-18."

جبرئیلت خواب بیند یا مسیحا یا کلیم
چرخ شاید جای تو یا سدره‌ها یا منتها
طور موسی بارها خون گشت در سودای عشق
کز خداوند شمس دین افتد به طور اندر صدا
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Because of strong brotherly ties,
Aaron instantly recognized Moses,
even if Moses didn't carry his magical rod
or hid his shining turned-white hand.

کلیم را بشناسد به معرفت‌ هارون
اگر عصاش نباشد وگر ید بیضا
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Obeying Lord's command,
both Moses and Abraham
quickly approached the burning fires.
But Lord turned the raging flames 
into fresh flower gardens for them both.

جان کلیم و خلیل جانب آتش دوان
نار نماید در او جز گل و گلزار نیست
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Tell Joseph to go and find 
his grieving and separated father, Jacob.
Without his coat of many colors, 
Joseph's triumphs are Jacob's tribulations.

O Joseph, come back to the blind Jacob.
O youthful Joseph,
poor Jacob has grown too old, come back!

How could Jacob be disappointed with Joseph,
if to his other envious sons
Joseph was always a huge burden?

O honest and innocent Joseph,
You were sold so cheap by your brothers,
making you worth virtually nothing.

O Joseph, the "Dreams interpreter",
you are the joy and the pride of Egypt,
Interpret our dreams also
just like you interpreted Pharaoh's dreams.

Joseph, the Prince of Egypt, 
is on his way to the Egyptian Court,
You all better get ready
for your honest confessions!

بگو بیوسف یعقوب هجر را در یاب
که بی زپیرهن نصرت تو حبس اوست
ای یوسف سوی این یعقوب نا بینا بیا
یعقوب مسکین پیر شد ای یوسف برنا بیا
یعقوب کجا رمد ز یوسف
گر بر پسرانش بار باشد
ای یوسف امانت آخر برادرانت
بفروختندت ارزان واندک بها کردند
فخر مصرید چو یوسف هله تعبیر کنید
می رسد یوسف مصری همه اقرار دهید
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Look at Joseph of Canaan
leaving his father's side,
journeying all the way to Egypt,
and then transforming himself
into an exceptional Egyptian Prince.

We've heard that Joseph didn't sleep at nights
for ten consecutive years,
pleading every single night with Almighty God
on behalf of his brothers:
"O Lord, forgive my brothers
or I'll fill the foundations of this Egyptian Palace
with a hundred more brotherly cries of mine."

نگر یوسف کنعان که از کنار پدر
سفر فتادش تا مصر و گشت مستثنا
شنیده ایم که یوسف نخفت شب ده سال
برادران رااز حق بخواست آن شه زاد
که ای خدای اگر عفوشان کنی کردی
گرنه درفکنم صدفغان درین بنیاد
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Lord said: "O My servants,
only an exceptional one like Isaac
would happily sacrifice himself at My command.
It takes a righteous messenger like Isaac
to accept being sacrificed and scattered
like the dust at My doorstep.

Even the fatherly love of Abraham for Isaac
did not deter him from sacrificing his beloved son 
like a sacrificial ram at My command.

My servant, Abraham said to his son: 
"You are my Isaac, you are my son, 
you are my joy and pride. 
I am your father, 
how can I lose you O my precious pearl?
But I must obey my Lord's command."

As I listened to my Lord's Divine Words,
I felt the soft breeze of dawn passing over me.
Then tears started flowing down my face...

گفتا نشود قربانی من
جز نادره‌ای ای چاکر من
اسحاق نبی باید که بود
قربان شده بر خاک در من
عشق است پدر عاشق رمه را
زاینده از او کر و فر من
اسحاق تویی من والد تو
کی بشکنمت ای گوهر من
این گفت و بشد چون باد صبا
شد اشک روان از منظر من
 مولانا جلال الدین بلخی رومی

Moses climbed up the Mount Sinai
begging God to show His Face to him,
but Lord flatly told him: "NO!"
All the while gone astray Israelites
started worshiping a golden calf...

بر کوه طور طالب ارنی کلیم وار
وز خلق دررمیده به عالم چو سامری
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Just like Joseph, 
my shirt is also torn to pieces
by the large paws of savage wolves.
But I also feel well-protected
by Jacob's indomitable spirit.

Though there was only Joseph
surrounded by a hundred savage wolves,
the fatherly goodwill wishes
were pouring and pouring
From Jacob's breath.

From the scent of Joseph,
Jacob regained his sight.

O Lord,
from which Canaanite
that scent was coming from?

چون یوسف از کف گرگان دریده پیرهنم
ولی زهمت یعقوب پاسبان دارم
گرچه یکی یوسف و صد گرگ بود
از دم یعقوب کرم رست رست
چشم یعقوبی ازین بو باز شد
ای خدا این بوی ازکنعان کیست
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Rumi's Ode To Love

Selected Verses from Masnavi- Book 6

Love is the conqueror, 
I am conquered totally by love.
I've become sweet like the sugar 
By the passion of love.

Standing in front of whirlwind of love,
I'm just a helpless and shaking straw.
How could a straw possibly withstand 
the mighty wind of love?
I wonder where I might be dragged next
by these strong winds of love.

Like the full moon or 
the first Ethiopian muezzin, Bilal
I also shout out loud at the sky of love.
I also hope and pray to become totally dissolved 
into the shining bright sun of love.

Thanks to love, 
I've become like a cat at the barn:
I also jump up and down, 
while constantly chasing love!

Love grabs hold of me tightly,
spinning me around over and over.
I don't get any rest from love,
neither high up there above 
nor down here below .

Lovers get thrown into the raging flood of love,
yet they always place their full trust 
at Master Rescuer (God).

Like a millstone that's turning
round and round,
the restless lovers wander around
day and night.

Lovers roam around the stream of love,
not being worried at all 
how fast and dangerous it might be.
Lovers don't care if there's any danger 
of drowning in the raging stream of love.

But watch how the materialistic Man of this World
is so afraid of circling 

even around a little bucket of love!

If this World feels so restless because of love,
then o my heart, 
don't stay in your little comfort zone
like the material worshiping Man of this World!

عشق قهار است ومن مقهورعشق
 چون شكرشيرين شدم ازشورعشق‏
        برگ كاهم پيش تو اى تند باد
            من چه دانم كه كجا خواهم فتاد
        گر هلالم گر بلالم مى‏ دوم
               مقتدى آفتابت مى‏ شوم‏
             كاه برگى پيش باد آن گه قرار
        رستخيزى و آنگهانى عزم كار
        گربه در انبانم اندر دست عشق
        يك دمى بالا و يك دم پست عشق‏
        او همى‏ گرداندم بر گرد سر
              نه به زير آرام دارم نه ز بر
        عاشقان در سيل تند افتاده‏ا ند
          بر قضاى عشق دل بنهاده‏ اند
        همچو سنگ آسيا اندر مدار
              روز و شب گردان و نالان بى ‏قرار
        گردشش بر جوى جويان شاهد است
  تا نگويد كس كه آن جو راكد است‏
        گر نمى‏بينى تو جو را در كمين
          گردش دولاب گردونى ببين‏
        چون قرارى نيست گردون را از او
      اى دل اختروار آرامى مجو

مولانا - مثنوي معنوي - دفتر ششم

Die in Love & Live Forever

Ghazal/Ode #636 from Rumi's Divan

Go and die, go and die,
In this love, go and die.
Once you die in this love,
You receive the holy spirit.

Go and die, go and die,
Don't fear death, go and die.
Go and leave this dusty earth,
Go fly up high into the sky.

Go and die, go and die,
Go cut yourself loose 
From your own ego.
Your selfish ego is the shackles
Holding you forever captive.

Go grab an ax,
Go dig a huge hole 
into the prison of your own being.
Once you tear down 
the walls of your inner prison,
You become a prince or a king.

Go and die, go and die
Right in front of your beautiful King.
Once you die for your King,
You become a royalty or celebrity.

Go and die, go and die,
Go rise up high 
above your own darkest clouds.
Once you rise up above your clouds,
You become a brightly shining moon.

Be silent, be silent,
For Silence is the breath of death.
But Silence is also the breath of life,
So stop moaning and complaining
About Silence!

مولانا - غزل شماره ۶۳۶ ازدیوان شمس تبریزی

بمیرید بمیرید دراین عشق بمیرید
دراین عشق چومردید همه روح پذیرید
بمیرید بمیرید و زین مرگ مترسید
کز این خاک برآیید سماوات بگیرید
بمیرید بمیرید و زین نفس ببرید
  که این نفس چو بندست وشما همچو اسیرید
یکی تیشه بگیرید پی حفره زندان
چو زندان بشکستید همه شاه و امیرید
بمیرید بمیرید به پیش شه زیبا
بر شاه چو مردید همه شاه و شهیرید
بمیرید بمیرید و زین ابر برآیید
چو زین ابر برآیید همه بدر منیرید
خموشید خموشید خموشی دم مرگست
هم از زندگیست اینک ز خاموش نفیرید

The Silent Language of Love

Selected Verses from Masnavi - Book 2

Set your soul on fire of love from end to end.
It's time you start burning 

all your conventional thoughts
when it comes to traditional faiths and worships.

For true lovers of Love,
there is but constant burning in every breath.
In the burned out village of love,
there is not a single love tent 

without some burn marks!

O King of Love,
bestow upon my soul
the prestigious title of love worshiper.

Once my soul is blessed by Your Love,
it will be ready to relay 

Your divine messages of Love
even in complete silence.

Though thoughts are better explained

through speeches and conversation,
the silent and tongueless talk of love
is the most enlightening of all explanations!

گزيده ابياتي از مثنوي معنوي - دفتردوم 

آتشی از عشق در جان برفروز
سر به سر فکر و عبادت را بسوز
عاشقان را هر نفس سوزيدني اسـت
بر ده ويران خراج و عشــــــر نيست
اي خدا، جان را تو بنما آن مقام
كاندرو بي حرف ، مي رويد كلام
گرچه تفسير زبان ، روشنگر است
ليك عشق بي زبان ، روشن تر است

Life is Too Short, Live for Today! 

Ghazal/Ode 246 from Rumi's Divan

There are a hundred drums constantly beating
inside our hearts everyday,
but we barely care to hear their beating sounds
the next day or after.

We have cottons stuffed in our ears
and hair stuck in our eyes,
and all we do today is either worry about tomorrow,
or plot some absurd futuristic ideas.

Go burn your cottons in the fire of love
like Hallaj* and other pure-hearted Sufis.

Did I make you ponder a bit over my cotton and fire analogy?
They are basically antagonists,
two opposites always fight each other to death.

If you notice that your day of reunion
with Love [God] is getting closer,
go get yourself a stunning facial makeover
for that special occasion!

Death for us simply means an immense joy,
and a highly anticipated mystical reunion.
If you're already mourning while still alive,
you might as well just leave now!

This materialistic world is like a prison for us,
it's truly a blessing to finally tear these prison walls down.
But how could a pacified prisoner -
who is so happy to still live in this prison -
possibly grasp our dying desires
to meet up with the Designer of this World [God]?

Don't expect to find any loyalty in this prison.
In this savage world of ours,
even the most loyal prisoners back-stab each other.

*By Hallaj, Rumi is referring to the passionate and truly God-intoxicated 10th century Persian Sufi poet known as the 'Sufi Martyr of Love', Mansur Hallaj who was charged with blasphemy for uttering in a moment of pure mystical intoxication and ecstasy:  Ana ul-Haq or I Am God...Hallaj was subsequently imprisoned and burned at the stake.

غزل شماره ۲۴۶ ازديوان شمس تبريزي يا ديوان كبير  مولانا 

بانگ آن بشنويم ما فردا 
صد دهل مي‌زنند در دل ما
غم فردا و وسوسه سودا
پنبه در گوش و موي در چشمست
همچو حلاج و همچو اهل صفا
آتش عشق زن در اين پنبه
اين دو ضدند و ضد نکرد بقا
آتش و پنبه را چه مي‌داري
خوش لقا شو براي روز لقا
چون ملاقات عشق نزديکست
گر تو را ماتمست رو زين جا
مرگ ما شادي و ملاقاتست
عيش باشد خراب زندان‌ها
چونک زندان ماست اين دنيا
چون بود مجلس جهان آرا
آنک زندان او چنين خوش بود
تو وفا را مجو در اين زندان
که در اين جا وفا نکرد وفا

Rumi's Tribute To Mothers

~Selected Verses from Masnavi & Divan~

My mother, she is simply the best mom ever.
My father, he is pure perfection and greatness.
I'm joy, son of joy, son of joy, son of joy!

When a mother cries out to her infant:
"Come my child, let me breastfeed you,
It's me, your mom, talking to you."
Does a hungry baby ever respond:
"Show me the proof first that you're my mom,
Before I get comforted sucking your milk?"

A mother is naturally soft, fragile, and special,
Yet she fiercely protects her child
Like a seasoned hunter chasing down a prey.

A mother would travel a thousand miles
For the sake of her child's
Happiness and well-being.

A mother instinctively lets loose a hundred
"Oh No...Oh God No.." cries of despair,
When her child is going through hard times.

When a mother loses her child,
She cries and grieves so deeply
Burning flames of sadness
would pour out of her grieving heart
For as long as she is alive.

A mother would risk her own life
To keep her child out of danger.

A mother would give up her own life -
A hundred times over if needed -
To save the life of her precious child.

A sick child shivers in fear
While having blood drawn for analysis.
But the caring mother feels overjoyed
Knowing her sick child will be cured soon.

Don't you ever judge and criticize a mother
For always overprotecting her child.
God did not want to be everywhere,
So He created mothers to represent Him.

God created the patient mothers
To comfort their crying babies.
God created the innocent babies
To cry out loud and helplessly beg
For their mothers' comforting milk.

No child can be born
Unless a pregnant mother first goes
Through excruciating childbirth pain.

Pregnancy, labor pain, contractions,
Giving birth and motherhood experiences,
They are all God's blessings for a mother.

God deposits His divine mercy and trust
Inside the heart of a pregnant mother.
Thus a mother's heart becomes pregnant
With a precious gift from God.

That's why a mother's love is ever-eternal.

Just as a mother gives birth to a beautiful baby,
This transitory material world we all live in
Shall also one day give birth
To an eternal and beautiful Hereafter.

With all these teachings and tributes
To mothers, motherhood, and pregnancy experiences,
I sure sound like a highly experienced male nanny!

 ~Rumi ~ My Translation ~

گلچین اشعار مولانا ازدیوان ومثنوی دربزرگداشت مادر

مادرم بخت بده است و پدرم جود و کرم

فرح ابن الفرح ابن الفرح ابن الفرحم

یا به طفل شیر مادر بانگ زد

که بیا من مادرم هان ای ولد
طفل گوید مادرا حجت بیار
تا که با شیرت بگیرم من قرار

بس ضعیف‌اند و لطیف و بس سمین

لیک مادر هست طالب در کمین
از پی فرزند صد فرسنگ راه
او بگردد در حنین و آه آه
آتش و دود آید از خرطوم او
الحذر زان کودک مرحوم او
غایبی مندیش از نقصانشان
کو کشد کین از برای جانشان

بچه می‌لرزد از آن نیش حجام

مادر مشفق در آن دم شادکام
نیم جان بستاند و صد جان دهد
آنچ در وهمت نیاید آن دهد

دایه و مادر بهانه‌ جو بود

تا که کی آن طفل او گریان شود
طفل حاجات شما را آفرید
تا بنالید و شود شیرش پدید
این جهان و آن جهان زاید ابد
هر سبب مادر اثر از وی ولد

تا نگیرد مادران را درد زه

طفل در زادن نیابد هیچ ره

قابله گوید که زن را درد نیست

درد باید درد کودک را رهیست
درد خیزد زین چنین دیدن درون
درد او را از حجاب آرد برون
این امانت در دل و دل حامله‌ست
این نصیحتها مثال قابله‌ست

Rumi's New Year Poems

 Happy New Year To You All!

My soul already smells 
the fragrance of the new year.
May every single soul of this world 
have a very happy new year.

O Earth! O Moon! O Sky!
Happy new year to you 
and to the Seven Heavens!

The sign of new year's arrival
has just appeared
in the palms of my hands.

May this upcoming new year 
bring lots of joy and happiness
to you all.

If you're wishing me a happy new year,
then I must also say:
Happy new year to you, to me, 
and to all the Lovers out there!

عید بر عاشقان مبارک باد
عاشقان عیدتان مبارک باد
عید ار بوی جان ما دارد
در جهان همچو جان مبارک باد
بر تو ای ماه آسمان و زمین
تا به هفت آسمان مبارک باد
عید آمد به کف نشان وصال
عاشقان این نشان مبارک باد
گر نصیبی به من دهی گویم
بر من و بر فلان مبارک باد
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

I saw the reflection of new year in your face,
a torrential down-pouring of tears hit me.
I sat down and cried my heart out.

May the rainfall of my tears
bring new joys into your life
in this upcoming new year.
And I tearfully wish you: 
A Happy New Year!

نوروز رخت دیدم خوش اشک بباریدم
نوروز و چنین باران باریده مبارك باد
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

May you all have 
the rowdiest new year's party,
and may all your problems get resolved
during this upcoming new year.

May you have months filled 
with joy and laughter,
and may you have 
a very happy new year.
And may this new year bring you
all the health, joy and happiness.

ای قیل وای قال توخوش وای جمله اشکال توخوش
ماه توخوش سال توخوش ای سال ومه چاکرتو را
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Today is a day of happiness,
and this new year will be 
a year filled with fresh flowers.

We are all so lucky 
to make it another year.
May the flowers also get
as lucky as we are!

امروز روز شادی و امسال سال گل
نیکوست حال ما که نکو باد حال گل
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

For me and all the party-lovers out there,
new year is our luckiest time ever!
Because new year's day 
is a perfect day
for partying and celebrations!
Because this upcoming new year
shall be our year, for sure!

چو سال سال نشاطست وروزروز طرب
خنک مرا و کسی را که عیش خو دارد
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

To reward our year-long drunkenness,
and to appreciate our youthfulness,
craziness and love-companionship;
the new year has sent us an invitation!

Who could possibly reward us with such a gift,
if not sent down by the Almighty Himself?
May the protective shadow of our Lord
never leave our side in this coming new year.

مستی و عاشقی وجوانی و یار ما
نوروز و نوبهار و حمل می زند صلا
از کیست این عطا ز کی باشد جز از خدا
هرگز مباد سایه یزدان ز ما جدا
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Search Deep Within

Quatrain #44 from Rumi's Divan

O journeying Sufi mystic,
If you could, stop your outwardly searching.
What you're searching for,
seek it deep within your own Self.
If you're looking for His charming Divine eyes,
look deep into your own eyes.
Pay good attention to my above Sufi teachings.

 مولانا - دیوان شمس- رباعی شمارهٔ ۴۴

صوفی رونده گر توانی می‌جوی
بیرون تو مجو ز خود بجو تو آن را
در چشم ببین دو چشم آن مفتون را
نیک بشنو تو نکته‌ی بیچون را

Sufi Dervishes Are Alchemists!

Sufi Dervishes are busy praising and worshiping
His Majesty, the Almighty God.
At the Majestic Abode of Lord,
They are in total rapture and ecstasy.

If you wish to turn the copper of your being
Into solid gold,
Join the circle of Sufi Dervishes.
They are all Alchemists!

در حضرت حق ستوده درویشانند
در صدر بزرگی همه بیخویشانند
خواهی که مس وجود تو زر گردد
با ایشان باش کیمیاگرایشانند
رباعی مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Sufi Dance of Whirling Dervishes

Tonight, there is just me whirling
surrounded by a thousand hidden Sufi Dervishes.
Just like my invisible soul,
they're all invisible to my sights tonight.

O Sufi Musicians,
stop complaining and just keep on playing,
so you all can also grasp
the true essence and meaning
of our Sufi Dance of Whirling Dervishes.

امشب منم و هزار صوفی پنهان
ماننده‌ی جان جمله نهانند و عیان
ای عارف مطرب هله تقصیر مکن
تا دریابی بدین صفت رقص‌کنان
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

You Are What You Think

O brother, you are what you think
The rest are just your flesh and bones.

If you think you're fresh flower,
You'll be placed in a flower garden.
But if you think you're dry thorn,
You'll end up inside a wood-fired oven!

If you think you're cologne and perfume,
Everyone will be spraying you all over their bodies.
But if you think you're smelly urine,
They will simply flush you down the sewer!

ای برادر تو همان اندیشه ای

مابقی تو استخوان و ریشه ای
گر گُلست اندیشۀ تو گلشنی
ور بود خاری تو هیمۀ گلخنی
گر گلابی بر سر جَیبت زنند
ور تو چون بولی برونت افکنند
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Wipe The Dust Off Your Inner Mirror

Do you know why your mirror is not shining back at you?
Because the face of your mirror is still covered with dust.

Go and wipe the dust off your inner mirror,
so you can clearly see the bright light shining through.

Each and every one of us is capable of deciphering
the invisible Mysteries of God,
it all depends on how cleanly 
the mirror of our hearts is polished.

Those who're constantly polishing the heart
have a much greater chance and possibility
to have the hidden Face of God
appearing on the mirror of their perceptions.

If you're arguing that purity and cleanliness of a heart
is only by the Grace of God,
then I'd argue that the successful realization
of the constant need for polishing your heart
is also a Gift from God.

God is the Only One who bestows infinite courage
upon us all in our cleaning efforts.
No one can ever act as the King does,
No Ifs Or Buts, Period!

گزيده ابياتي از مثنوي معنوي مولانا درشرح و تفسيرآيينه دروني

آيينه ات داني چرا غماز نيست

زانكه زنگار از رخش ممتاز نيست
رو تو زنگار از رخ خود پاك كن
بعد از آن آن نور را ادراك كن
هــركسي ز اندازهء روشــــــــــندلي
غيب را بيند بقـــــــــــدر صيقــــــلي
هـر كه صيقل بيش كرد او بيش ديد
بيشتر آمــــــــد بر او صـــورت پديد
گر تو گويي آن صفا فضل خداست
نيز اين توفيق صيقل زان عطاست
واهب همت خداوند است و بس

Peace is Achievable

War and peace have always been played out in the world
To somehow grab Lord Almighty's attention.

I'm willing to even annihilate my own Self

For the sake of achieving global peace.

Jesus suddenly ascended into the Heavens -

and in his honor -
Even immortal angels made peace with mortal humans.

O inhabitants of our war-plagued planet, 

The blessings of breath of Jesus
Shall be bestowed upon you,
If you strive to promote global peace.

Take my words for it: 

At the end of the day,
Even the oppressor and the oppressed shall make peace.

There is no conflict in this world that can't be reconciled.

Go and put a stop to all these ongoing hatred and vengeance.

Go become ONE, like a consanguineous united family.

Everlasting peace is what I'm seeking for our world.

آشتی و جنگ ز جذبهٔ حق است

نیست زنم هست ز سر آشتی
رفت مسیحا به فلک ناگهان
با ملکان کرد بشر آشتی
ای فلک لطف مسیحادمی
گر بکنی بار دگر آشتی
صلح درآ این قدر آخر بدانک
کرد کنون جبر و قدر آشتی
بس کن کین صلح مرا دایمست
نیست مرا بهر سپر آشتی
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Peace Begins With You

Everywhere you look in this war-plagued world,
there's a conflict in nearly every corner of it.

From a tiny atom fighting another atom, 
to Muslims and non-Muslims at each other's throats, 
there are wars and conflicts everywhere.

God has repeatedly mentioned throughout His Teachings
that all believers are brothers and sisters.

O you co-owners of our shared common house, 
Let's all unite and strive together
for the everlasting peace among ourselves.

War is the evil work of war-mongering demons. 
Peace is the noble deed of peace-loving angels.
Always choose peace over war, 
so your soul can be peacefully purified .

این جهان جنگ است چون کل بنگری
ذره باذره چو دین با کا فری
مومنان را خواند اخوان در كلام خود خدا
پس ببايد صلح شان دادن به هم أي كدخدا
جنگ باشد كار ديو و صلح كـردار مَـلـَك
صلح را بايد گـزيـدن تا بـيـابـد جان صفا
مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي


Ghazal/Ode 95 from Rumi's Divan

What an amazing love that I've got,
O Lord.

How charming and beautiful is
This love of mine,
O Lord.

What a heat and how so incredibly hot I feel -
Like the burning hot sun -
By the sheer warmth of this love,
O Lord.

What a moon and what a pure red wine
That are accompanying my fallen in love
Heart and soul these days,
O Lord.

What a passion this love has provoked
In my otherwise mundane world,
O Lord.

What an incredibly difficult task
That You've got High Up There,
O Lord!

The megalomaniac ruler's horsemen
Fell down hard from their high horses.
What a dust rising scene that was,
O Lord!

I've hit rock bottom.
I've gone down so much,
That I don't even know how to get back up again.
I don't know, I really don't know
What all this uproar deep inside me is for,
O Lord?

The winds of change are blowing again
From every alley and corner of this town.
What's all this melancholy I'm feeling these days,
O Lord?

Why do I feel all tied up,
If there are no chains or shackles attached to me?

That are tied up so tight to my feet,
O Lord.


Be silent so you don't leave yourself exposed.

To my left and right,

There are so many strangers these days,

O Lord.

غزل مشهور شمارهٔ  ۹۵ از دیوان شمس تبریزی مولانا

 زهی عشق زهی عشق که ماراست خدایا

چه نغزست و چه خوبست و چه زیباست خدایا

چه گرمیم چه گرمیم ازین عشق چو خورشید

چه پنهان و چه پنهان و چه پیداست خدایا

زهی ماه زهی ماه زهی بادۀ حمرا

که جانرا و جهان را بیاراست خدایا

زهی شور زهی شور که انگیخته عالم

زهی کار زهی کار که آنجاست خدایا

فرو ریخت فرو ریخت شهنشاه سواران

زهی گرّد زهی گرّد که برخاست خدایا

فتادیم فتادیم بدانسان که نخیزیم

ندانیم ندانیم چه غوغاست خدایا

ز هر کوی ز هر کوی یکی دود دگرگون

دگر بار دگر بار چه سوداست خدایا

نه دامیست نه زنجیر همه بسته چرائیم؟

چه بندست چه زنجیر که برپاست خدایا

خموشید خموشید که تا فاش نگردید

که اغیار گرفتست چپ و راست خدایا

This is one of my all time favorite Rumi poems from his Divan-e Shams. By some accounts, Rumi had spontaneously and publicly recited these verses during his son's weeding reception. Rumi is simply at his best in poetically conveying his wedding blessings to the newlyweds. I hope my translation can capture Rumi's intended wedding wishes and his extraordinary poetic celebration of the sacred bond of marriage.

Rumi Wedding Blessings

Ghazal/Ode 2667 from Rumi's Divan

May this marriage be blessed.
Congratulations on your wedding
from all of us gathered here tonight

May this marriage be blessed
with eternal joy and happiness,
and may this sweet marriage
flow forever like milk and honey.

May this marriage be blessed
with fine red wine and halwa-sweets,
and may it be blessed
with fresh leaves and fruitful date palm trees.

May this marriage be blessed
today, tomorrow and forever,
and may it be blessed
with eternal good fortune and prosperity.

May this happy marriage last forever
like the joyous immortal angels in heaven.

May this marriage be blessed
with the signs of mercy and compassion
here in this world and also in hereafter.

May this marriage be blessed
with good luck, good name, and good deeds,
and may it be blessed
with bright full moon and heaven's wheel of fortune.

I should just stop talking now
since words cannot properly describe
the sheer joy of witnessing
how two souls bound as one
with the sacred bond of marriage.

مولانا- غزل شمارهٔ ۲۶۶۷ - دیوان شمس

مبارک باد بر ما این عروسی
خجسته باد ما را این عروسی
چو شیر و چون شکر بادا همیشه
چو صهبا و چو حلوا این عروسی
هم از برگ و هم از میوه ممتع
مثال نخل خرما این عروسی
چو حوران بهشتی باد خندان
ابد امروز فردا این عروسی
نشان رحمت و توقیع دولت
هم این جا و هم آن جا این عروسی
نکونام و نکوروی و نکوفال
چو ماه و چرخ خضرا این عروسی
خمش کردم که در گفتن نگنجد
که بسرشت است جان با این عروسی

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