In the Good Hands of God, a Quatrain by Rumi

This is one of my all favorite quatrains of Rumi. In this highly mystical quatrain, Rumi engages in a profound Sufi inspired 'Conversation with God'. By 'Sitting around Kaaba to worship Idols', Rumi once again teaches us that when the heart of a Sufi is purified and illuminated, Muslims' Kaaba and Hindus' Temple of Idols are but mere outwardly forms and external manifestation of a faith. For the truly devoted worshipers of a faith, the holy house of worship lies deep inside the heart where the Beloved dwells in eternity. Or as Rumi would say in another of his mystical poems, "Inside the Kaaba, there is no place to point your Islamic prayer rug."

Rumi is simply genius, I hope my translation can capture his intended mystical messages and teachings.

You (God) are the One
who made me go and sit
inside the Christians' Church
completely intoxicated!
You are the One
who made me go and sit
inside the Muslims' Kaaba to worship Idols!
I have absolutely no saying whatsoever
on how You handle
the good and bad of this world.
I'm all in Your good hands,
let's see how You handle me!

رباعي حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

آنی تو که در صومعه مستم داری
در کعبه نشسته بت پرستم داری
بر نیک و بد تو مر مرا دستی نیست
در دست توام تا بچه دستم داری

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