Give Thanks and Praises to God, a Poem by Rumi

Give thanks and and praises to God Almighty
Who always unties all our tight knots.
As I wrapped myself tightly in praises to Him,
Lord Almighty untied all my tightly jammed knots.

There are a hundred hidden pathways inside the heart,
all unknown and strange to Lord's creatures.
Only God knows how to open a pathway
deep inside His creatures' closed hearts.

From His divine house in the upper realms,
with sun and moon as its chandeliers,
God Almighty sends rays of divine lights 
shining through our hearts.

Lord Almighty asked: "Am I Not Your Lord?"***
All God believing souls responded:
"Yes Indeed, You Are! We Do Testify!"

For His true believers,
God Almighty always blocks the path of misfortune
and opens a pathway for divine blessings.

*** By "Am I Not Your Lord?", Rumi's referring to the following passages from the Holy Quran:
 "And when your Lord took from the children of Adam, from their loins, their descendants and made them testify about themselves, He asked them: "Am I Not Your Lord?", They all responded, "Yes Indeed, You Are! We Do Testify!"
The Holy Quran, Verses 7:172 - Surah/Chapter Al-Araaf or The Heights.

سپاس و شکر خدا را که بندها بگشاد
میان به شکر چو بستیم بند ما بگشاد
پس دریچه دل صد در نهانی بود
که بسته بود خدا بنده خدا بگشاد
در این سرا که دو قندیل ماه و خورشیدست
خدا ز جانب دل روزن سرا بگشاد
الست گفت حق و جان‌ها بلی گفتند***
برای صدق بلی حق ره بلا بگشاد
 حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي-رومي
حضرت مولانا اشاره به آیه صدوهفتادودوم سوره اعراف ( الست بربكم? قالوا: بلي) در قرآن كريم مينمايد
و اذ اخذنا من بنی آدم من ظهورهم ذریتهم و اشهدهم علی انفسهم الست بربکم ؟ قالوا: بلی
(قرآن شريف,سوره اعراف 172/7)

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