Fish in the Sea Metaphors in Rumi's Poetry

تو دیدی هیچ ماهی که او شد سیر از دری
تو دیدی هیچ عاشقی راکه سیری بود از سودا
توئی دریا منم ماهی, چنان دارم که میخواهی
بمن رحمت بکن شاهی, که از تو مانده ام تنها

Have you ever seen a fish
being tired of the Sea?
Have you ever seen a lover
not being melancholic?
You're the Sea, I'm the fish
I am yours as you wish
Have mercy on me, my King
I'm all alone without you.

چو ماهی باش در دریای معنی-- که جز با آب خوش همدم نگردد

In the Sea of Meaning
be like a Fish
who's accompanied
by nothing but fine waters.

این عدم دریا و ما ماهی و هستی همچو دام --- ذوق دریا که شناسد هر که در دام او فتاد

This non-existence is like the sea
and I look like a fish.
This existence is like a trap.
how can anyone trapped by the sea
possibly recognize its elegance?

ساحل نفس رها کن بتک دریا رو--- کندرین بحر ترا خوف نهنگی نبود

Release yourself
from the shore of your ego
and submerge yourself
to the bottom of the sea.
Because in this sea
you won't fear any whale.

تو گویی زبس عنایت آن ماهیست سلطان--- وآن بحر بی نهایت او را وزیر باشد

You'd say,
because of His generosity
a fish is acting like a king
and the endless sea
like a loyal minister!

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