Mysticism of Rumi (Part3) - عرفان مولانا

عید رمضان و شب قدر ما اوست --- هم قبله و هم روزه و برما اوست

My Festival of Ramadan is He
My "Night of Power"
is He.
My praying direction is He
My fasting determination is He.

ماه رمضان آمد ای یار قمر سیما --- بربند سر سفره بگشای ره بالا

The fasting month of Ramadan is here

O moon-faced friend

Fold the tablecloth
And unfold
 the way upward. 

!آورده ام آتشی که میفرماید --- کای هرچه جز خداست زجا بر خیز

I'm engulfed in such a flame
that's commanding:

Anyone and anything not belonging to God


با خدا باش و نصرت از وی خواه --- که مددها از آسمان آید

Stay with God

and ask for His Blessing
Because the Divine Remedies

always pour from the Heavens.

گه ترکم وگه هندو گه رومی وگه زنگی --- از نقش تو ای جان اقرارم و انکارم

Sometime I'm a Turk
and sometimes a Hindu.

Sometimes I'm a white Rumi
and sometimes a black Ethiopian.

In your image my soul,

I make my confessions and denials.

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