"Love, Love One Another as I Have Loved You" - a Poem by Rumi

Any soul who doesn't openly preach love
might as well be already dead.
That kind of lovelessness
or that way of existence
is a total disgrace to human race.

Stay forever in love!
Everyone and everything is already drunk by love.
Friend has no other task but to constantly dealing
with our never ending love litigation!

If they ask you what love is, tell them:
Losing control, letting go of self completely.
Any lover who hasn't lost control of self yet,
will never be fully in control of life.

Love is the Emperor, the two worlds
constantly throwing themselves at His feet.
Yet the Emperor often pays no attention
to His life-throwing devout servants.

Only love and lover endure forever.
Don't pour your heart into anything but love.
There is absolutely no substitute for love.

How long will you keep taking
the side of a spiritually-dead soul?
Always stay on the side of Soul of Love.
God Never Takes Sides.

حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

آن روح را که عشق حقیقی شعار نیست
نابوده به که بودن او غیر عار نیست
در عشق باش که مست عشقست هر چه هست
بی کار و بار عشق بر دوست بار نیست
گویند عشق چیست بگو ترک اختیار
هر کو ز اختیار نرست اختیار نیست
عاشق شهنشهیست دو عالم بر او نثار
هیچ التفات شاه به سوی نثار نیست
عشقست و عاشقست که باقیست تا ابد
دل بر جز این منه که بجز مستعار نیست
تا کی کنار گیری معشوق مرده را
جان را کنار گیر که او را کنار نیست

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