Rumi: an Infidel of Love!

Contrary to popular beliefs, Rumi was not your typical Muslim, but a devout infidel of Religion of Love! Here is what Rumi himself has to say about his deep religious convictions and faith:

The sign of my faith can only be traced
beyond Islam and Infidels.
I run away from Muslims' Sufi Orders
and know anything about Infidels' zenar belt.*

*Throughout Islamic history, non-Muslims living in Islamdom or Islamic societies were forced to wear a green belt (zenar belt), a distinctive shawl or girdle, or a yellow badge (similar to Christians' Jewish badge) to be segregated and distinguished from Muslims.

 از کفر و ز اسلام برون است نشانم
 از فرقه گريزانم و زنار  ندانم

Religion of Love is different
from all other religions.
For true lovers of love,
God is their only religion.

مذهب عاشق زمذهب ها جداست
عاشقان را مذهب و ملت خداست

Love is my religion and I'm alive only because of love.
Living as a typical believer
is a total disgrace for my body and soul.

دين من از عشق زنده بودن است
 زندگى زين جان و تن ننگ من است

After making clear his religious inclinations, Rumi urges us all to let go of our convential faiths and belifs by burning it all in the fire of love:

Set your soul on the burning fire of love from end to end.
It's high time you start burning
all your thoughts of conventional worships.
At every breath,
there is nothing but constant burning for true lovers.
In the burned out village of love,
there is not a single tent without some love burn marks.
O Lord, bestow upon my soul
the prestigious status of a love worshiper.
Once my soul is blessed by love,
it would be capable and ready
to start relaying your love messages in absolute silence.
Even though tongue is always used to better explain things,
the silent and tongueless talk of love
is the most enlightening of all explanations.

حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

آتشی از عشق در جان برفروز
 سر به سر فکر و عبادت را بسوز
عاشقان را هر نفس سوزيدني اسـت
 بر ده ويران خراج و عشــــــر نيست
اي خدا، جان را تو بنما آن مقام
 كاندرو بي حرف ، مي رويد كلام
گرچه تفسير زبان ، روشنگر است
 ليك عشق بي زبان ، روشن تر است

Rumi then explains in great details what the 'Religion of Love' actually is, and how it entirely differs from the four established Islamic Schools of Thoughts [the 9th century established Islamic Jurisprudence Schools of Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki, and Hanbali]. Rumi also establishes in the following verses how the 'Religion of Love' is completely alien to the beliefs and practices of Orthodox Muslims! Please bear with Rumi as he painstakingly analyzes love and lovers, and also uses all his love missionary charms and tricks in trying to convert us all into his 'Religion of Love'!

Love is the abundance of wealth and blessings.
Love is the opening of heart and true guidance.
Love was not taught by Imam Hanifa
[founder of Hanafi School of Thought].
Love is not in the traditions of Imam Shafi'i
[founder of Shafi'i School of Thought].
The secrets of Love were never revealed to Imam Malik
[founder of Maliki School of Thought].
Love is not in the traditions of Imam Hanbal
[founder of Hanbali School of Thought].
The verses of love are the holiest verses in Religion of Love
There are no such things as four Islamic Schools of Thoughts
in the Religion of Love!
The doubtful thoughts of may or may not
are always with us until we die,
but in the undoubted Religion of Love,
there is no may or may not or beginning and end.
Lovers are already drowned in the sweet waters of love,
so for the already sweetened lovers,
it really doesn't matter
if more sugar is brought in from Egypt or not!
If you see any lover acting all sour and bitter,
be sure of this:
he/she is not a true lover or a faithful
follower of Religion of Love.
Any lover not aware of strict obligations of Religion of Love,
is a novice lover barely starting to journey on the Path of Love.
Go and get annihilated in love!
Go and annihilate your selfish ego!
There is no bigger crime than still being in this material existence.
Except for love intoxication
and joyously singing from start to finish,
there are no boring chapters after chapters blind readings
of a holy book in the Religion of Love!
In Religion of Love, once you finally become a true lover,
you are the holy verses and also
the reciter of those holy verses of love.
Don't ever go astray from the righteous Path of Love,
faithfully fulfill all your love duties!
No seeker of love can journey on the Path of Love
without first fulfilling all the love duties.
Every plant and living organism needs water to survive.
Have you ever seen a lover surviving without water of love?
Enough of these explanations,
this should be quite clear by now:
the water of love is the irrefutable sign of love.
So there is no need for me to keep on preaching
and torturing my fellow love thirsty lovers!

حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

عشق جز دولت و عنايت نيست
 جز گشاد دل و هدايت نيست
عشق را بو حنيفه درس نگفت
شافعي را در او روايت نيست
مالک از سر عشق بي خبر است
  حنبلي را در او روايت نيست
بوالعجب سوره ايست سوره عشق
چهار مصحف در او حکايت نيست
لا يجوز و يجوز تا اجل است
 عشق را ابتدا و غايت نيست
عاشقان غرقه‌اند در شکراب        
از شکر مصر را شکایت نیست
هر که را پرغم و ترش دیدی        
نیست عاشق و زان ولایت نیست
مبتدی باشد اندر این ره عشق        
آنک او واقف از بدایت نیست
نیست شو نیست از خودی زیرا        
بتر از هستیت جنایت نیست
خواجه جز مستی تو در ره دین        
آیتی ز ابتدا و غایت نیست
آیتی تو و طالب آیت        
به ز آیت طلب خود آیت نیست
بی رهی ور نه در ره کوشش        
هیچ کوشنده بی‌جرایت نیست
هر نباتی نشانی آب است        
چیست کان را از او جبایت نیست
بس کن این آب را نشانی‌هاست        
تشنه را حاجت وصایت نیست

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