Have You Ever Seen?, a Poem by Rumi

Have you ever seen
a drunkard without a hangover?
Have you ever seen
a rose without its thorn wounds?

Have you ever seen,
in the garden of water and flowers,
a Spring without a Fall?

When in sorrow,
escape towards God.
Have you ever seen
anyone more sympathetic than God?

Work for God
carry the load of  God
except for God
have you ever seen
anyone being so Efficient?

Have you ever seen
a soul not being polished by His Kindness?
Have you ever seen
a soul not being dusted off
by the shining of His Manifestation?

Close you lips and open your spiritual eyes
now that you've seen
the Divine Vision of the Confident.
Shams of Tabriz will give you a hand
if you suffer from the evil eye.

هیچ خمری بیخماری دیده ای 

 هیچ گل بی زخم خاری دیده ای

در گلستان جهان آب وگل 

  بیخزانی نو بهاری دیده ای

چونک غم پیش آیدت در حق گریز  

هیچ چون حق غمگساری دیده ای

کار حق کن بار حق کش
 جز زحق هیچکس را کاروباری دیده ای

هیچ دل را بی صقال لطف او  

در تجلی بیغباری دیده ای

لب ببند و چشم عبرت برگشا

  چونک دیده اعتباری دیده ای

شمس تبریز بگیرد دست تو

گرزچشم بد عثاری دیده ای

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