Rumi on Gays and Lesbians

Homosexuals are Equal to Heterosexuals in the Eyes of God

~Rumi - Masnavi – Book 6 – Story of Ghulam Ghaus and his abduction by fairies..

In his masterpiece, Masnavi Manavi or Spiritual Couplets of Profound Meanings, Rumi has touched on virtually every aspect of life, including sex and sexuality. Time and again, Rumi argues that sexual relationship between two consenting adults is not only a gift from God, but also a very normal part of life. There are numerous verses and stories in Rumi's Masnavi dealing specifically with 'Sex and sexuality', from platonic love, various highly explicit gay love stories, hard-core sex, and the vile and disgusting pedophilia, to the jaw-dropping and truly shocking Zoophilia or Bestiality- Sexual activity between humans and animals as Rumi has alluded in his famous story, The Maid and the Donkey; Rumi has written on virtually all aspects of sexuality and human sexual behaviors.

In my opinion, Rumi has courageously and deliberately brought up the 'Sexual Taboos' of the conservative Islamic societies in his poetic outpourings to open up the hearts and minds of the close-minded individuals (Muslims and non-Muslims alike). Rumi teaches us in the following lines that all open manifestations of love and sexual activities between two consenting adults, whether homosexuals or heterosexuals, are not only divinely blessed sources of creativity, but also a natural part of human life. Rumi thus strongly argues that when it comes to sex and sexuality, there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

In sum, once you grasp the true meanings of a 13th century Sufi Muslim mystic's 'Sex Education' teachings, then the 20th century Austrian 'Psycho-Sexual' expert, Sigmund Freud comes across like an amateurish and inexperienced intern compared to Rumi's painstakingly detailed, very much "Avant-garde", and highly progressive sex education techniques. Once you get to read, analyze, and fully understand Rumi's 'Sexual Dreams', you simply laugh at childish 'Freudian Psychoanalysis' and the politically correct sexual 'Freudian Dreams'. 

Rumi was clearly a thousand years ahead of his time, and one of the greatest pioneers of 'Sexual Revolution'.

Please try reading my following translation without your cultural or religious bias. Or as Rumi would say: "Close your fault seeking eyes and open your spiritual eye."

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When God places feminine attributes
Inside a man's body,
He becomes naturally Gay
and seeks a male partner.

When God places masculine attributes
Inside a woman's body,
She becomes naturally Lesbian 
and seeks a female partner.

View consensual sex between adults
As a sacred act of love-making,
But condemn non-consensual sex 
As an act of violence and forced rape.

Sexual assault and sexual violence 
Have absolutely nothing to do 
With a person's sexual orientation.

A promiscuous person always engages
In irresponsible sexual behaviors,
Even if being the smartest person in the world.

What is Sexuality?
A controversial topic, 
A sensitive point of view,
A natural erotic attraction
Which brings consenting sexual partners together.

What God has hidden deep 
Inside the body of a homosexual person,
If He chooses to also hide it inside your body,
You will also change your sexual orientation.

So as the old saying goes:
'Know your neighbors first before buying a house!'

If you truly have a pure heart, 
Go and find the love of your life
Regardless of gender.
~ Rumi ~ my translation ~

مثنوي معنوي - دفتر ششم - قصه ى عبدالغوث و ربودن پريان او را و سالها ميان پريان ساكن شدن او و بعد از سالها آمدن او به شهر و فرزندان خويش را باز ناشكيفتن او از آن پريان بحكم جنسيت و همدلى او با ايشان

چونک اندر مرد خوی زن نهد 

او مخنث گردد و گان می دهد
چون نهد در زن خدا خوی نری 
طالب زن گردد آن زن سعتری‏
مهرها را جمله جنس مهر خوان
قهرها را جمله جنس قهر دان
لاابالی لا ابالی آورد
زانک جنس هم بوند اندر خرد
چیست جنسیت یکی نوع نظر
که بدان یابند ره در هم‌دگر
آن نظر که کرد حق در وی نهان
چون نهد در تو تو گردی جنس آن
پس تو هم الجار ثم الدار گو
گر دلی داری برو دلدار جو 
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي 

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Nizi Nizamudin said...

I love his poem and sufism,he is a great,,,,many many thanks for translating ans shairing,

Paul Brown said...

This will be in 2 or 3 parts. Character limits.

May God’s peace be upon you.

I’m sorry to say you have misunderstood Rumi (may peace be upon him). I am not saying this as an attack or in a mean way, nor do I hate you. We are one and I love you. Allow me to aid you with clarification. Normally I’d say nothing, but to know of Sufism and Rumi is a blessing and I hope to correct your vision so you’ll have peace. Please give my words a chance and open your heart. Someone once said, “We must be open minded enough to consider that perhaps the one that appears closed minded maybe be the one with the open mind, and we are the closed minded ones.” Below is a quote from Rumi, and Imam Malik (pbuh), translated 2 ways. Let me say first that I’m only trying to spread true lasting love and light (knowledge). If my words hurt or if I make a typing error please forgive me.

“ I am the servant of the Qur’an as long as I have life. I am the dust on the path of Muhammad, the Chosen one. If anyone quotes anything except this from my sayings, I am quit of him and outraged by these words.

As long as I am alive, I am a servant of the Qur’an, and a grain of sand on the path of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. If anyone narrates anything from me but this, I am absolved of those words, and of him.”

Imam Malik (r) said, “Whoever studies jurisprudence (fiqh) and didn’t study Sufism (tasawwuf) will be corrupted; and whoever studied tasawwuf and didn’t study jurisprudence will become a heretic; and whoever combined both will be reach the Truth.” Imam Malik is basically saying if we only study the outer part of the religion, which means a path to REjoin with God, we will become corrupted in someway, because we won’t get the inner teachings of the religion necessary to grow quickly. He is also saying the inner teachings must be balanced with the outer teachings because if they aren’t we shall misunderstand them. They shall both cause the other to be better understood. The peel of the banana which is the 4 religions Zabur, Jabrat, Injeel, and Furqan (Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam) is only cast off when the fruit inside is ripe, and even then it is still utilized for fertilization of the earth. A beautiful example is when Jesus (pbuh) is working on the Sabbath. The law killeth, but the spirit makes it alive. This means that it would have been right according to the law to not work, but it wouldn’t have been good. God is more concerned with good than right by what we perceive the law to be, but like a lawyer we must study at least some of the law to know when to do something that seems to break the law. Will we not kill a mass murderer if we have to, to save innocent lives? Even a monk would say that is right, even though it’s a sin to kill. I know because one taught that to me in my confusion as a young man and gave me peace. When we go beyond the limitations of 4 religions, that are truly one, then we reach Sufiyyat or Sufism where there is no day or night and one prays without praying. We eat the banana.

Paul Brown said...

Part 2
The Quran, which is hidden in our heart and is our true form at the same time, is against homosexuality, but Allah doesn’t hate any of His children. His laws however are absolute and they punish for Him. That’s why people can say God is all love and wrathful at the same time because he set up the laws. If a child touches a hot stove after it is told not to it burns it’s hand. This is the same “punishment” we receive in different ways when we disobey a different law. Hu, not a typo, is pure love and there is a balance in nature that shouldn’t be upset. Yin needs Yang like the plug needs the outlet for power. If we try to stick two positive facing magnets to each other they push away and the bloodlines of two of the same-sex cannot combine without one of the opposite sex being an intermediary. Meaning to men’s bloodlines can join through their children. Allah sends warnings that transgression of natural laws brings agony to the transgressors. If two homosexuals get together, like if we glued two positive poled magnets faces to each other, they will be separated as soon as the glue that is forcing them together wears off. They may even make it to death together, but they shall be torn asunder sooner or later. This will cause sorrow, which Allah would like people to avoid since His laws are set in motion, whereas a man and woman can be together for eternity, if they do things right, meanwhile the homosexual couple must be reincarnated because they still carry karma. (They may even become bitter enemies in this next life and they probably won’t remember anything from their past life. This is not true love because it is harmful and not eternal) This is 1 reason that people become homosexuals in the first place. If I am horrible to women, I can be reborn as one, and still like women. I will feel I have been born in the wrong body, but this would be my fault because I disobeyed a different law regarding the proper treatment of women. I also transgressed by showing others my bad example, and possibly caused them to think it was acceptable to do what I did. This is another reason homosexuality is against the laws of the universe. The bloodline of one ends through homosexuality and Iblis loves to cause such things. Originally there were no homosexuals, if Greatest Grandfather and Grandmother, Adam and Hawwa (may God’s peace be upon them) had been homosexual they could not have fulfilled their desire, nor multiplied, without divine power anyway. Some people just let their lust get out of hand and it has aided in the confusion of many to this day. Fanna in Allahu is our purpose in this world and all other relationships, while important, even to the degree that they can be acts of worship if conducted properly, are secondary compared to our relationship with our Maker. We are all female before Him because He is the Power that does everything, but in each lifetime we have our place, and even if we don’t like what we are it doesn’t mean we should go against what we know is right. There is a drastic difference between the person that does whatever they feel is right, saying they have done nothing wrong, and the one that admits they are wrong, continually asks for forgiveness, and maybe even strives against their ways. Such a person may never overcome their addiction, but the fact that they fought is honorable and the effort shall not go unrewarded. (For example if one had originally been a woman and she is now in a man’s body, her mate may be one that has chosen to be with men, but if they do what is right they could be together in another life or even heaven when her womanhood is restored) True bravery and being who we are, now in this life. A prince is born to be a king and his people need him to do his duty. He was born as a prince for a reason. We are temples of the most High and all goodness should and shall flow through us one day. By that I mean eventually we will all come around, but if we start now we will have an easier time. Good luck to you whatever you do. I love you and am sorry if I caused pain with my words

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