Sleepless Nights of Rumi

The rich and glorious Persian Literature has it that Rumi, in grief and agony over losing his mystical lover, Shams of Tabriz, renounces his Sufi teachings at the Sufi-Convent in the Turkish town of Konya, and embarks on a non-stop whirling and out loud poetry reciting around the streets and town at nights. The following verses that I've translated are but few of thousands of spontaneous verses which Rumi had uttered while roaming around the streets all night, searching for his lost lover. Staying up all night, Rumi not only poetically ponders on his life of solitude after Sham's departure, but he also uses the quietness of the night to engage in a Sufi's most sought after and cherished dialogue of all dialogues: Conversations with God.

بحمد اله که خلقان جمله خفتند---و من بر خالقم برکار امشب
زهی کرو فر و اقبال بیدار---که حق بیدار و من بیدار امشب
اگر چشمم بخسپد تا سحرگر---زچشم خود شوم بیزار امشب

Praise be to Lord,
everyone else is already asleep
and I'm all alone
with my Creator tonight.
Thank heavens
for this grace and fortune,
Lord is wide awake
so am I tonight.
I'd rather give up my eyes
If they were to close tonight.

امشب شب من بسی ضعیف و زار است---امشب شب پرداختی اسرار است

I'm having a very sad and miserable night.
Tonight is the night
to finally decipher t
he mysteries.

شب گردم گرد شهر چون باد چون آب---از گشتن گرد شهر کس ناید خواب

Like water and wind,
I'm roaming around the town at nights.
No one can possibly fall asleep
with all that circling around.

گر آب حیات خوشگواری ایخواب---امشب برما کار نداری ایخواب

O sleep,
though you're like the finest water of life,
you have nothing to do

with me tonight.

صد شب خفتی حاصل آن دیدی---از بهر خدا امشب تا روز مخسب

You've slept a hundred nights before
and seen its outcomes.
For God's sake,
stay awake all night tonight.

با یار بچرخم و بدل میگویم---یارب که کلید صبح گم بادا امشب

I whirl with my lover
while talking to my Heart.
O Lord,
may the key to the dawn
be lost tonight.

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