Love? What Is It? - a Poem by Rumi

Love is flying up high into the sky
ripping apart a hundred veils in every breath.
First, taking the breath right out of the breath
lastly, cutting the footstep from the very foot.

Love is completely disregarding this material world
and seeing things only through your spiritual eyes.
I said to my heart: "O heart, congratulations
for finally joining the circle of lovers,
For seeing beyond what normally appears in your sight,
and for running wild
around the alleys of a lover's warm chest.
O heart, where did this love breath come from?
O heart, why does my heart beat so fast?
O bird, talk to me in birds' secret language
I do understand the secret language of the birds."

My heart replied: "I was hard at work in your house
untill I flooded it with the water and mud of love.
I was running away from the House of God's Creation
until I finished building you a permanent love shack.
I was dragging my feet but you kept pulling me back in,
it's hard to explain the brave faces I had to put on!"

غزل شمارهٔ ۱۹۱۹حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي-رومي -ديوان كبير

عشق است بر آسمان پریدن
صد پرده به هر نفس دریدن
اول نفس از نفس گسستن
اول قدم از قدم بریدن
نادیده گرفتن این جهان را
مر دیده خویش را بدیدن
گفتم که دلا مبارکت باد
در حلقه عاشقان رسیدن
ز آن سوی نظر نظاره کردن
در کوچه سینه‌ها دویدن
ای دل ز کجا رسید این دم
ای دل ز کجاست این طپیدن
ای مرغ بگو زبان مرغان
من دانم رمز تو شنیدن
دل گفت به کار خانه بودم
تا خانه آب و گل پریدن
از خانه صنع می پریدم
تا خانه صنع آفریدن
چون پای نماند می کشیدند
چون گویم صورت کشیدم

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