Does God Exist? - a Poem by Rumi

Non-existence is the divine labor of Self-existing Absolute [God].
What comes out of divine factory of existence if not non-existence?

هست مطلق کارساز نیستیست
کارگاه هست کن جز نیست چیست ؟
حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي-رومي

In the above verses, Rumi has cleverly incorporated the very well known concept of Transcendental Logic which was already embedded within the holy teachings of Zoroastrianism/Hinduism/Buddhism /Judaism and Christianity, long before Islam heavily borrowed it by copying the 6000 years old 'Transcendental Logic' within the 7th century teachings of the Quran.

Contrary to majority of Muslim scholars' claim as to Quranic teachings being 'Unique',
bringing along brand new concepts or perfecting the 'Corrupted' teachings of ALL previous Religions, mainly the two Abrahamic Faiths, Judaism and Christianity's Teachings in the Biblical Old Testament (Holy Torah) and the New Testament (Christian Holy Bible); and despite some non-Muslim apologists and pseudo-scholars of Islam actually accepting and propagating it, the Islamic concept of Tawheed or 'Oneness of a Transcendental God' predates Islam by around 6000 years!

One can easily find detailed and numerous references to 'Transcendental Logic' not only within the Teachings of Zoroastrianism--Ahura-Mazda as the Supreme and Transcendental God--, but also in Hindu Vedantic Teachings on Brahman and the Holy Bhagavad Gita's Yogic transcendental meditations and practices, Buddhist Teachings on the concept of 'Transcendental Nirvana'; the Jewish 'Ein Sof' Teachings and Christian 'Holy Trinity' concept of a Transcendent-Imminent God as 'Father, Son and Holy Spirit': "Jesus Christ is the Word who was God and was with God and was made flesh. Therefore, Jesus has two distinct natures: Divine and Human; Jesus is fully Divine and fully Man."

Digging deeper into the 'Transcendental Logic' and 'Transcendent God' teachings embedded not only within the theologies of the great Religions which predate Islam by over 6000 years, but also the philosophical 'Kantian Transcendental Exposition' arguments put forward by the great 18th century German philosophers, Immanuel Kant or Friedrick Hegel's 'Transcendental Dialectic'; I repeatedly ask myself the following hard to swallow and impossible to digest question: What's so special and unique about Islam?
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