Servant Of The Moon - a Poem by Rumi - Ghazal/Ode #2219

This is one of my all time favorite poems of's Maulana's profound yet truly hilarious and intimate chit-chat with his heart..I don't know, maybe I'm just reading it all wrong, but I find this poem to be really funny and hilarious every time I read it in Persian. This poem is also by far one of Rumi's most known and recited one among Farsi-speakers.

Servant Of The Moon.
A poem by Rumi (Ghazal # 2219 from Divan Kabir)
Translation by Solo©

غزل شماره 2219 حضرت مولانا -من غلام قمرم غیر قمر هیچ مگو-

I'm a servant of the moon, except for moon, don't say anything.
In front of me, except for honey and sugar, don't say anything.
None of the talk about pain and suffering, nothing but straight talk.
If you don't know what straight talk means,
never mind, just don't say anything!
Last night I just went insane,
Love saw me acting all crazy and scolded me:
Stop yelling and ripping your cloths off, just don't say anything!"
I said: "O my Love, I'm scared. I'm just scared of everything."
Love said: "There is nothing to be scared of, just don't say anything!
I'll be whispering a lot of secrets into your ears tonight,
you simply nod your head yes, but don't say anything!"
An incredibly soul-melting moon appeared on the path of my heart,
whispering seductively into my ear:
"Oh how elegant of you to travel on the path of the heart,
but just don't say anything!"
I asked my heart: "What kind of flirting moon is this
sending me all these heart signals?!"
My heart said:"Don't even start, you're not even worth it!
Let it go and just don't say anything!"
I asked my heart: "Was that the face of an angel or a human face I just saw?"
My heart said: "None of those, it was something else, just don't say anything!
It's just that you've been living for too long
inside your house of illusions and images,
I said: "O heart, go easy on me now, for God's sake,
I thought you were my big daddy?!"
My heart said: "You know what daddy's boy,
it is what it is, Just don't say anything!!"

غزل شماره 2219 ازديوان كبير حضرت مولانا

من غلام قمرم غیر قمر هیچ مگو
پیش من جز سخن شهد وشكرهیچ مگو
سخن رنج مگو جز سخن گنج مگو
ور ازین بی خبری رنج مبر هیچ مگو
دوش دیوانه شدم عشق مرا دید و بگفت
آمدم نعره مزن جامه مدر هیچ مگو
گفتم ای عشق من از چیز دگر می ترسم
گفت آن چیز دگر نیست دگر هیچ مگو
من به گوش تو سخن های نهان خواهم گفت
سر بجنبان که بلی جز که به سر هیچ مگو
قمری جان صفتی در ره دل پیدا شد
در ره دل چه لطیفست سفر هیچ مگو
گفتم ای دل چه مه است این  دل اشارت می کرد
که نه اندازه توست این بگذر هیچ مگو
گفتم این روی فرشته است عجب یا بشر است
گفت این غیر فرشته است و بشر هیچ مگو
ای نشسته تو در این خانه پر نقش و خیال
خیز از این خانه برو رخت ببر هیچ مگو
گفتم ای دل پدری کن نه که این وصف خداست
گفت این هست ولی جان پدر هیچ مگو

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Why هيچ مگو ? (Significance of this radif)

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