DON'T DO IT, a Poem by Rumi

This is one of my favorite poems of Rumi. It captures the very moment that Shams Tabrizi was letting Rumi know he was leaving permanently. In shock and disbelief, Rumi spontaneously utters the following verses in hope of persuading Shams to change his mind. You can feel through these painful and mystical verses how Rumi was unsuccessfully reasoning, cajoling, pleading, convincing, and even begging Shams not to leave. Shortly after, Shams was gone. He eventually returned a year and half later, only to be murdered, or by some accounts, to permanently disappear from Rumi's life.

I've heard that you're planing a trip
What will you do as a foreigner
In a foreign land?
You're bestowing your love
To a new lover,
Targeting another bleeding liver
You're giving a stolen glance
To a stranger,
Turning me upside down
You're shielding yourself
Against your swear and joys,
You're ignoring
Your vows and promises
You're turning the poison into sugar,
You're making my face
Turn yellow in separation
You're darkening the moon
Like a lunar eclipse
Why are you making my eyes
Wet with the tears?
Why are you looking at the intellect
With blurred vision?
You're making things worse
For your sick patient

بشنیده​ام که عزم سفر می​کنی مکن
-تو در جهان غریبی غربت چه می​کنی

مهر حریف و یار دگر می​کنی مکن
-قصد کدام خسته جگر می​کنی مکن

دزدیده سوی غیر نظر می​کنی مکن
-ما را خراب و زیر و زبر می​کنی مکن

سوگند و عشوه را تو سپر می​کنی مکن
از عهد و قول خویش عبر می​کنی مکن

آن زهر را حریف شکر می​کنی مکن
-روی من از فراق چو زر می​کنی مکن

قصد خسوف قرص قمر می​کنی مکن
-چشم مرا به اشک چه تر می​کنی مکن

پس عقل را چه خیره نگر می​کنی مکن
-رنجور خویش را تو بتر می​کنی مکن

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