Happy Anniversary Maulana Rumi!

عُرس مولانا جلال الدین بلخی رومی

In commemoration and celebration of Rumi's 739th passing anniversary 

December 17th marks the annual commemoration of Rumi's leaving this transitory and materialistic world, and finally uniting with Beloved in His everlasting realm... 

Our death is our wedding with eternity
What's the secret?
Hu Allah Hu Ahad / He Allah/God Is One.

مرگ ما هست عروسی ابد
 سر آن چیست هو الله احد
مولانای بلخ و روم

            شب عُرس مولانا یا شب عروج روحانی مولانا جلال الدین بلخی رومی به درگاه با عظمت الهی برهمه عاشقان  و مریدان مولانای بلخ و روم مبارک باد. یا حضرت مولانا

Urs Maulana - عُرس مولانا or Shab-e Urs in Farsi-شب عُرس, also known as Seb-i Arus in Turkish, literally meaning Weeding Night or Night of Union, is a ceremony held every year inside the Shrine of Rumi in  Konya, Turkey, commemorating the anniversary of our beloved Maulana's passing away and uniting with Almighty God. Rumi died on the night of December 17th, 1273.  You can watch the entire ceremony embedded in my previous post:

 Rumi's Annual Seb-i Arus Celebration in Konya, Turkey

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