Rumi's Annual 'Şeb-i Arus/Night of Union' Ceremony in Konya, Turkey

" Seb-i Arus, meaning Nuptial Night or Night of Union, is a ceremony held every year on the anniversary of Rumi's death [in Konya, Turkey where Rumi passed away on the night of 17th December 1273]. It begins after the afternoon prayer with the reading of the Koran. The ceremony consists of six parts. In the first part, the dervishes praise the Prophet Mohammed and the prophets who came before him and God. The beat on the Kudum or double drum, the second part, represents God's command 'Let it be.’ Then the ney/flute plays music representing carnal life. The dancers, known as Semazen, then greet one another three times and walk around in a circle. This symbolizes the greeting of the mystic spirit. The dancers then remove their black jackets, symbolizing their birth into the eternal spiritual world. The return to truth has begun. Crossing their arms across their breast, to signify the number one, they testify to the unity of God. Then kissing the hand of the Shaykh [Sufi master], who silently gives his permission to participate in the Sema, they begin to turn anticlockwise, their right arm held up in the air, their left foot remaining on the ground, and their right foot lifted. The Sema consists of four parts, the first representing awareness of knowledge and truth, and thus awareness of the Creator and the dervishes’ own surrender to Him; the second awe at the power of God for creating humankind; the third the transformation of awe and gratitude into love, and the sacrifice of mind to love in an act of ultimate submission; the fourth the completion of the spiritual journey, acceptance of fate, and the return to the true meaning of creation. The ceremony concludes with prayers in two parts."

PART-1 - Soul-stirring Ney/Flute playing & rare images from inside Rumi's Shrine in Konya, Turkey


 PART-2 - The Whirling Dervishes' salutation ceremony in the opening tribute to Rumi's Seb-I-Arus/Night of Union, celebrating Rumi's union with God Almighty. 


 PART-3 - Sufi Sema Dance by the Whirling Dervishes at Rumi's Shrine


PART-4 - Sufi Sema Dance by the Whirling Dervishes at Rumi's Shrine


 PART-5 -Sufi Sema Dance by the Whirling Dervishes at Rumi's Shrine


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