Peace Begins With You - a Poem by Rumi

Everywhere we look in this war-plagued world,
there's a conflict going on in every corner of it.
From a tiny atom fighting another atom,
to Muslims and non-Muslims at each other's throats,
there is war and conflict everywhere.

God has repeatedly mentioned throughout His Teachings
that ALL true believers are brothers and sisters.
O you co-owners of this shared common house of ours,
Let's all unite and strive
for everlasting peace among ourselves.

War is the evil work of war-mongering demons.
Peace is the noble deed of peace-loving angels.
Always choose peace over war,
so your soul can be purified peacefully.

گزيده ابياتي ازحضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي "رومي" درستايش,اهميت, تحكيم و ترويج صلح جهاني و دروني

این جهان جنگ است چون کل بنگری
ذره باذره چو دین با کا فری
مؤمنان را خواند إخوان در كلام خود خدا
 پس ببايد صلح شان دادن به هم أي كدخدا
 جنگ باشد كار ديو و صلح كـردار مَـلـَك
 صلح را بايد گـزيـدن تا بـيـابـد جان صفا

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