Wishing all Christians a Happy and Blessed Easter

This coming Sunday, April 5, 2015 marks the Christian Holiday of Easter or the Resurrection of Jesus. I'd like to wish all the Christians throughout the world a very happy and blessed Easter.

عید قیام یا عید رستاخیزعیسی مسیح برهمه مسیحیان مبارک باد

Muslims don't, but Christians do believe
That Jesus was indeed crucified on the cross.
Today, don't look for any healing by Jesus
For Christ is still roaming the earth.
When Jesus ascended into the Heaven 
His healing miracles also died for us all.

Where is our sweet-breathed Jesus
Who no longer needs the motherly interventions of
His immaculate virgin mother, Mary?

Where is our sweet-breathed Jesus
To tear to pieces the veil which has darkened
The hearts of so many Christians these days?

Even if the Antichrist manages to ignite
The biggest fire of sorrows and despairs,
Don't be afraid of the those fake flames.
Jesus shall draw his sword at the Final Battle 
To punish the wrongdoer Antichrist.

Jesus is the good health to an already aging body.
Jesus is the promise of Hereafter to an immortal soul.
Keep on waiting for the sign of Jesus in his Second Coming.
Believe in Christ's ultimate return before the Judgment Day.
Rumi ~ my translation

آن گمان ترسا برد مــؤمن نــدارد آن گمــان
كــو مسيح خــويشتن را بــر چليپا مي كشد
اکنون مکن دوا که مسیح تو برزمینست
چون شد مسیح بسوی فلک فوت شد دوا
کو آن مسیح خوش دمی بی‌واسطه مریم یمی
کز وی دل ترسا همی پاره کند زنار را
 دجال غم چون آتشی گسترد ز آتش مفرشی
 کو عیسی خنجرکشی دجال بدکردار را
 تن را سلامت‌ها ز تو جان را قیامت‌ ها ز تو
عیسی علامت‌ ها ز تو وصل قیامت وار را

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