Rumi Paying Tribute To Mothers

       ~ Wishing All Moms a Happy Mother's Day ~

           ~ Sunday, May 14, 2017 in United States ~

~ Rumi's Tribute To Mothers ~

  ~ Selected Rumi Poems from his Masnavi & Divan ~


My mother, she is simply the best mom ever.
My father, he is pure perfection and greatness.
I'm joy, son of joy, son of joy, son of joy!

When a mother cries out to her infant:
"Come my child, let me breastfeed you,
It's me, your mom, talking to you."
Does a hungry baby ever respond:
"Show me the proof first that you're my mom,
Before I get comforted sucking your milk?"

A mother is naturally soft, fragile, and special,
Yet she fiercely protects her child
Like a seasoned hunter chasing down a prey.

A mother would travel a thousand miles
For the sake of her child's 
Happiness and well-being.

A mother instinctively lets loose a hundred
"Oh No...Oh God No.." cries of despair,
When her child is going through hard times.

When a mother loses her child,
She cries and grieves so deeply
Burning flames of sadness
would pour out of her grieving heart
For as long as she is alive.

A mother would risk her own life
To keep her child out of danger.
A mother would give up her own life -
A hundred times over if needed -
To save the life of her precious child.

A sick child shivers in fear
While having blood drawn for analysis.
But the caring mother feels overjoyed
Knowing her sick child will be cured soon.

Don't you ever judge and criticize a mother
For always overprotecting her child.
God did not want to be everywhere,
So He created mothers to represent Him.

God created the patient mothers
To comfort their crying babies.
God created the innocent babies
To cry out loud and helplessly beg
For their mothers' comforting milk.

No child can be born
Unless a pregnant mother first goes
Through excruciating childbirth pain.

Pregnancy, labor pain, contractions,
Giving birth and motherhood experiences,
They are all God's blessings for a mother.

God deposits His divine mercy and trust
Inside the heart of a pregnant mother.
Thus a mother's heart becomes pregnant 
With a precious gift from God.

That's why a mother's love is ever-eternal.

Just as a mother gives birth to a beautiful baby,
This transitory material world we all live in
Shall also one day give birth
To an eternal and beautiful Hereafter.

With all these teachings and tributes
To mothers, motherhood, and pregnancy experiences,
I sure sound like a highly experienced male nanny!
Rumi ~ my translation

گلچین اشعار مولانا ازدیوان ومثنوی دربزرگداشت مادر

مادرم بخت بده است و پدرم جود و کرم

فرح ابن الفرح ابن الفرح ابن الفرحم

یا به طفل شیر مادر بانگ زد

که بیا من مادرم هان ای ولد
طفل گوید مادرا حجت بیار
تا که با شیرت بگیرم من قرار

بس ضعیف‌اند و لطیف و بس سمین

لیک مادر هست طالب در کمین
از پی فرزند صد فرسنگ راه
او بگردد در حنین و آه آه
آتش و دود آید از خرطوم او
الحذر زان کودک مرحوم او
غایبی مندیش از نقصانشان
کو کشد کین از برای جانشان

بچه می‌لرزد از آن نیش حجام

مادر مشفق در آن دم شادکام
نیم جان بستاند و صد جان دهد
آنچ در وهمت نیاید آن دهد

دایه و مادر بهانه‌ جو بود

تا که کی آن طفل او گریان شود
طفل حاجات شما را آفرید
تا بنالید و شود شیرش پدید
این جهان و آن جهان زاید ابد
هر سبب مادر اثر از وی ولد

تا نگیرد مادران را درد زه

طفل در زادن نیابد هیچ ره

قابله گوید که زن را درد نیست

درد باید درد کودک را رهیست
درد خیزد زین چنین دیدن درون
درد او را از حجاب آرد برون
این امانت در دل و دل حامله‌ست
این نصیحتها مثال قابله‌ست

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