Rumi Wedding Blessings

This is one of my all time favorite Rumi poems from his Divan-e Shams. By some accounts, Rumi had spontaneously and publicly recited these verses during his son's weeding reception. Rumi is simply at his best in poetically conveying his wedding blessings to the newlyweds. I hope my translation can capture Rumi's intended wedding wishes and his extraordinary poetic celebration of the sacred bond of marriage.

Rumi ~ Ghazal/Ode # 2667 from Divan-e Shams

May this marriage be blessed.
Here's some more wedding blessings
from all of us gathered here tonight:

May this wedding be blessed
with eternal joy and happiness
and may this sweet wedding
flow forever like milk and honey.

May this weeding be blessed
with red wine and halwa sweets
and may this weeding be blessed
with fresh leaves and date palm trees.

May this wedding be blessed
today, tomorrow and forever
and may this wedding be blessed
with good fortune and prosperity.

May this happy marriage last forever
like the joyous houris in heaven.

May this wedding be blessed
with the signs of mercy and compassion
here in this world and the hereafter.

May this wedding be blessed
with good luck, good name and good deeds
and may this wedding be blessed
with bright full moon and heaven's wheel of fortune.

I should stop talking now
since words cannot properly describe
how two souls bound as one
with the sacred bond of marriage.

مولانا- غزل شمارهٔ ۲۶۶۷ - دیوان شمس

مبارک باد بر ما این عروسی
خجسته باد ما را این عروسی
چو شیر و چون شکر بادا همیشه
چو صهبا و چو حلوا این عروسی
هم از برگ و هم از میوه ممتع
مثال نخل خرما این عروسی
چو حوران بهشتی باد خندان
ابد امروز فردا این عروسی
نشان رحمت و توقیع دولت
هم این جا و هم آن جا این عروسی
نکونام و نکوروی و نکوفال
چو ماه و چرخ خضرا این عروسی
خمش کردم که در گفتن نگنجد
که بسرشت است جان با این عروسی

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