New Year in Rumi's Poetry

May you have the rowdiest new year's party,
and may all your problems get resolved
during this upcoming new year.
May you have months 
filled with joy and laughter,
and a very happy new year.
And may this new year bring you
all the health, joy and happiness.
Rumi - My Translation

ای قیل و ای قال تو خوش و ای جمله اشکال تو خوش
ماه تو خوش سال تو خوش ای سال و مه چاکر تو را
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Happy new year to you all!

My soul already smells 
The fragrance of coming new year.
May every single soul of this world
have a very happy new year.

O Earth, O Moon, O Sky:
Happy new year to you 
and to the Seven Heavens!

The sign of new year's arrival
has just appeared 
in the palms of my hands.

May this new year bring 
lots of joy and happiness to you all.

If you're wishing me a happy new year,
then I must also say:
Happy new year to you, to me, 
and to all the Lovers out there!
Rumi - My Translation

عید بر عاشقان مبارک باد
عاشقان عیدتان مبارک باد
عید ار بوی جان ما دارد
در جهان همچو جان مبارک باد
بر تو ای ماه آسمان و زمین
تا به هفت آسمان مبارک باد
عید آمد به کف نشان وصال
عاشقان این نشان مبارک باد
گر نصیبی به من دهی گویم
بر من و بر فلان مبارک باد
 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

To reward our year-long drunkenness,
and to appreciate our youthfulness,
craziness and love-companionship;
the new year has sent us an invitation!
Who could possibly reward us with such a gift,
if not sent down by the Almighty Himself?
May the protective Shadow of God
never leave our side
in this upcoming new year.
Rumi - My Translation

مستی و عاشقی وجوانی و یار ما
نوروز و نوبهار و حمل می زند صلا
از کیست این عطا ز کی باشد جز از خدا
هرگز مباد سایه یزدان ز ما جدا

 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

I saw the reflection of new year in your face,
a torrential down-pouring of tears hit me.
I sat down and cried my heart out.

May the rainfall of my tears
bring new joys into your life
in this upcoming new year.

And I tearfully wish you:
A Happy New Year!
Rumi - My Translation

نوروز رخت دیدم خوش اشک بباریدم
نوروز و چنین باران باریده مبارك باد

 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

The new year has come again
The new year has come again
My runaway lover has come again.

The new year celebrations are in abundance.
If there are abundant new year celebrations,
then let's all party in total abundance!

O musicians, 

try some heart-warming melodies,
why are you playing sad songs

on new year's eve?

To celebrate the arrival of new year,
the Venus has already soared up high

to the Seventh Heaven.
If that's where the Venus wants to roam
on this new year's eve,
then let's all roam free wherever we want tonight!

The new year's moon is shining bright,
the two worlds have become

one giant flower garden,
and all bodies have become

one single soul. tonight
If we're all one supreme soul 

on new year's eve,
then let's all just become one
throughout this upcoming new year.

Shams al-haq of Tabriz,
You're so present in my thoughts right now,
that Tabriz  looks like Khorasan tonight.
If that's how you like it to be,
then let's keep it forever that way!

I've been drinking and celebrating the new year
all alone tonight without you by my side.
If this party feels so cold and boring without you,
then let it stay forever frozen tonight.

Be silent, 

for I'm completely drunk right now.
Shams has tied up the hands of my reason.
I'm just wandering around thinking about him.

If that's how my thoughts want to behave
on this new year's eve,
then let it act totally crazy tonight!
Rumi - My Translation

عید آمد و عید آمد یاری که رمید آمد
عیدانه فراوان شد تا باد چنین بادا
آن ماه چو تابان شد کونین گلستان شد
اشخاص همه جان شد تا باد چنین بادا
هم باده جدا خوردی هم عیش جدا کردی
نک سرده مهمان شد تا باد چنین بادا
شمس الحق تبریزی از بس که درآمیزی
تبریز خراسان شد تا باد چنین بادا
ای مطرب صاحب دل در زیر مکن منزل
کان زهره به میزان شد تا باد چنین بادا
خاموش که سرمستم بربست کسی دستم
اندیشه پریشان شد تا باد چنین بادا

مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

For me and all the party-lovers out there,
new year is our luckiest time ever.
Because new year's day is a perfect day
for partying and celebrations!
Because this upcoming new year
shall be our year.
Rumi - My Translation

چو سال سال نشاطست و روز روز طرب
خنک مرا و کسی را که عیش خو دارد

 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

Today is a day of happiness,
and this new year

will be a year filled with fresh flowers.
We're all so lucky to make it another year,
may the flowers be also as lucky as we are!
Rumi - My Translation

امروز روز شادی و امسال سال گل
نیکوست حال ما که نکو باد حال گل

 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

This new year will be our year, for sure.
Just like the ever so lucky Moon and Venus,
This year our luck will also soar 

high up in the Sky.
Stay quite my fast beating heart,
I know there is no limit
to our new year's joy and happiness!
Rumi - My Translation

سال سال ماست و طالع طالع زهره‌ست و ماه
ای دل این عیش و طرب حدی ندارد تن بزن

 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

The new year has come again,
and everyone wants to look their best
for the new year reunion with their lover.
You are my new year companion,
alleviate my year-long sufferings.
You are the silk robe for every flower,
cover my sharp and ugly thorns also.
Rumi - My Translation

عید آمد و هرکس قدری مقداری
آراسته خود را ز پی دیداری     
ما را چو توئی عید بکن تیماری
ای خلعت گل فکنده بر هر خاری

 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

A Sufi mystic and a true lover
never wait for the new year's arrival.
For them, every instant is a new year!
Rumi - My Translation

چو عارف را و عاشق را به هر ساعت بود عیدی
نباشد منتظر سالی که تا ایام عید آید

 مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

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