Rumi on Eid al-Fitr - Feast of Breaking the Fast

"At the end of fasting month of Ramadan, Muslims throughout the world observe a three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr (Festival of Fast-Breaking) which is a joyous occasion, similar to Christmas in its celebration, but with strong religious significance. The giving of a special charity for this occasion is obligatory. Muslims dress in holiday attire, attend a special community prayer in the morning, and visit friends and relatives. Greetings of "'Eid Mubarak," or " Blessed Eid" are exchanged. In some places, children are given gifts or money by their parents and relatives." 


Eid al-Fitr has come
Festival of Fast-Breaking has come
The best of our luck has come
Get up and play the drums
The Eid Moon has just been sighted.

The month of fasting is over
The night of separation is over
Our runaway friend has come.

Happy Eid to all the Lovers out there!
Eid Mubarak To You All!

Eid al-Fitr has come
The Festival of Fast-Breaking has come.
A Blessed and Happy Eid To You All!

Like the sign of a reunion
In the palm of your hands,
May the sign of this Eid al-Fitr
Bring lots of joy and happiness to you all!

Eid celebrations are in abundance
Wherever you go these days.
If Eid is the sheer abundant joy
Then let it remain in total abundance!
~Rumi ~ my translation ~

گزيده ابياتي از مولانادر تجليل عيد فطر

عید آمد و عید آمد وان بخت سعید آمد
برگیر و دهل میزن کان ماه پدید آمد
بگذشت مه روزه و عيد آمد و عيد آمد
بگذشت شب هجران معشوق پديد آمد
عید بر عاشقان مبارک باد
عید بر عاشقان مبارک باد
عاشقان عیدتان مبارک باد
عید آمد به کف نشان وصال
عاشقان این نشان مبارک باد
عید آمد و عیدآمد, یاری که رمید آمد
عیدانه فراوان شد, تا باد چنین بادا

(Ghazal/Ode #341 from Rumi's Divan)

Come, today is the joyous day of Eid al-Fitr.
Come, there are many Eid parties
and family gatherings
going on everywhere these days.

Come, clap your hands and shout out loud:

Muhammad has just returned from his Miraj-
the nightly ascension into the heavens-
to join us in our Eid celebrations.

Jesus has just showed up-
coming down from the fourth heaven-
to celebrate the Festival of Fast-Breaking with us.

Has anyone ever seen a joyous Eid celebration
like the one we are celebrating today?

Heaven and earth are filled to the top
with the special Eid sweets and candies.
From every corner and balcony,
Eid candies are being thrown at people!

The roaring sound of the
pearl bestowing ocean waves
can be clearly heard from faraway.
But even oceans and waves
come to a halt in celebrations of Eid al-Fitr.

Any wine that's not poured
from the soul-stirring wine jar of Eid today,
is just a cheap wine.

Any cash transaction
that's not done in the true spirit of Eid today,
is an unlawful transaction.


What a joyous Eid gathering
going on in our Sufi tavern of ruins today,
and how so lucky is our wine-server
to also have Junaid of Baghdad and Bayazid of Bestam
celebrating Eid al-Fitr with us today!

I'm so hangover right now,
so blown away by all these amazing Eid celebrations
that I completely forgot that
during the Feast of Fast-Breaking,
even God Himself acts up
like one of my novice Sufi students!
~Rumi ~ my translation ~

غزل 341 مولانا در تجليل عيد فطر

بیا کامروز ما را روز عیدست
از این پس عیش و عشرت بر مزیدست
بزن دستی بگو کامروز شادی‌ست
که روز خوش هم از اول پدیدست
چو یار ما در این عالم کی باشد
چنین عیدی به صد دوران کی دیدست
زمین و آسمان‌ها پرشکر شد
به هر سویی شکرها بردمیدست
رسید آن بانگ موج گوهرافشان
جهان پرموج و دریا ناپدیدست
محمد باز از معراج آمد
ز چارم چرخ عیسی دررسیدست
هر آن نقدی کز این جا نیست قلبست
میی کز جام جان نبود پلیدست
زهی مجلس که ساقی بخت باشد
حریفانش جنید و بایزیدست
خماری داشتم من در ارادت
ندانستم که حق ما را مریدست

Reap the Blessings of Your Fasting During Eid al-Fitr
(Ghazal/Ode #925 from Rumi's Divan)

There are always two Moons patiently
waiting by the gates of the Heaven:
The illustrated Moon of our Beloved
and the illuminated Moon of Eid al-Fitr.

Once the two Moons collide with each other
to decipher the mysteries of high above,
a thousand temptations arouse
in the mind of Eid al-Fitr!

The Prophet is coming down
to join you in celebrating Eid al-Fitr.
He'll take you to Feast of Fast-Breaking though
only if you have fasted
during the fasting month of Ramadan.

By fasting during the fasting month of Ramadan,
you sacrificed the fat cow of your ego and desires.
Now you shall reap the blessings
of the thin and lean Moon of Eid al-Fitr!

Look what happens because you fasted in Ramadan,
detoxified your toxic body, and showed
sincere acts of sacrifices to Lord, your God:
As a sign of His Divine rewards,
God shall bestow upon you
a gold mine of His Blessings
during this Festival of Breaking the Fast.

Even if you've thrown the biggest stone
at the mirror of fasting,
or didn't even attempt a bit of
spiritual inner-struggles
during the fasting month of Ramadan,
you are still allowed to drink
the pure red wine from the wine-jar of Eid al-Fitr!

Go and fly away like a hunting falcon
towards the Falcon King (God).
Go and become your King's messenger bird
bearing the good news of arrival of Eid al-Fitr.

As for those of you who didn't bother
making a huge favor to yourselves,
or fulfilling God's fasting command
by sacrificing your bodies just a bit
during the fasting month of Ramadan,
may your gluttonous throats get slit
by the sharp dagger of Eid al-Fitr!
~Rumi ~ my translation ~

غزل شماره 925 از دیوان كبير مولانا

د و ماه پهلوی همدیگر اند بر در عید
مه مصور یار و مه منور عید
چو هر دو سر بهم آورده اند در اسرار
هزار وسوسه افگنده اند در سر عید
ز عید باقی این عید آمدست رسول
چو دل به عید سپاری ترا برد  برعید
قراضه ء دو که دادی برای حق بنگر
جزای حسن عمل گیر گنج بر زر عید
و گر چو شیشه شکستی  ز سنگ صوم و جهاد
می حلال سقا هم بکش ز ساغر عید
از این شکار سوی شاه باز پر چون باز
که در پرید به مژده ز شه کبوتر عید
تو گاو فربه حرصت  به روزه قربان كردي
که تا بری به تبرک هلال لاغر عید
و گر نکردند قربان عنایت یزدان
امید هست که ذبحش كنند به خنجر عید

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