Mosque, Synagogue, Church and Temple are Same For a Sufi Mystic -
a Quatrain by Rumi

If the presence of my Beloved is felt in an Idol's Temple,
then it's a sin for me going to Muslims' Kaaba and circle around it.
If the fragrance of my Beloved can not be traced in Kaaba,
then I'd rather look around for a Jewish Synagogue.
For the sake of tracing the scent of my Beloved's mystical union,
the Synagogue will be my Kaaba from now on!

رباعي حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

در بتکده تا خیال معشوهٔ ما است
رفتن به طواف کعبه در عین خطا است
گر کعبه از او بوی ندارد کنشت است
با بوی وصال اوکنشت کعبهٔ ما است

Rumi's interfaith dialogues, deep Sufi convictions, religious tolerance and universal vision are beautifully conveyed in this deeply mystical and meaningful quatrain. Rumi once again teaches us that contrary to some pseudo-fanatic and bigot Muslims' false preachings of 'Us versus Them' or 'Muslims versus Infidels' absurdities, God's presence and fragrance can be also traced in other Holy Houses of Worships such as in a Hindu/Buddhist/Sikhs Temple, Church of Christ or a Jewish Synagogue.

Rumi's alluding to 'Kaaba and circling around it' in the above quatrain is in reference to Muslims' holiest House of Worship known as Kaaba or 'House of God" in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Millions of Muslims annually flock to the large cube-shaped stone structure, Kaaba in Mecca to fulfill the Hajj-Pilgrimage. As part of the Pilgrimage rituals, they circle seven times around the Kaaba-- the circling ritual is known as Tawaf--طواف.

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