Rumi on Jesus Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection

Christians do believe but Muslims don't
That Jesus was crucified.
Anyone who's a true lover like Mansoor [Hallaj]**
Ends up sacrificing his own life.

Except for a true lover
Who will so deliberately sacrifice his own self?

Don't search for any healing by Jesus
Since Christ is still on earth.
When Jesus rose up to heaven 
His healing also died for us.

** Rumi's alluding to the truly ecstatic and illuminated 9th century Persian Sufi poet, Mansoor Hallaj who is also known as the 'Martyred Sufi Mystic of Love". Hallaj was charged with blasphemy and subsequently burned at the stake for uttering in a moment mystical ecstasy: I'm God. Mansoor Hallaj is greatly admired and universally considered a true lover of God who sacrificed self to reach the much cherished ultimate destination of a Sufi mystic: Mystical union with God; hence Rumi also mentioning him as a true lover in the above line. 

آن گمان ترسا برد مومن ندارد آن گمان

که مسیح خودرا به چلیپا میکشد
هر یکی عاشق چو منصورند خودرا می کشد
غیر عاشق وانما کی خویش را عمدا می کشد
اکنون مکن دوا که مسیح تو برزمینست
چون شد مسیح بسوی فلک فوت شد دوا
حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي

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