Rumi On Easter - Jesus Christ's Resurrection


This coming Sunday, March 27, 2016 marks the Christian Holiday of Easter or the Resurrection of Jesus Christ . I'd like to wish all the Christians throughout the world a very happy and blessed Easter.

Jesus never lost his faith in Lord on the cross
even when he saw his holy virgin mother, 
Mary immaculate crying her heart out.

The Light which struck and crucified 
Jesus on the cross, 
was already deposited into the immaculate
heart of Mary.

Don't try finding Jesus' miracles or healing hands,
while ignoring his teachings here on Earth.

Once Christ was risen up high into the Heaven,
his miracles touched only those 
who truly reached out to him.

Muslims don't, but Christians do believe
That Jesus was indeed crucified on the cross.
Today, don't look for any healing by Jesus
For Christ is still roaming the Earth.
When Jesus ascended into the Heaven
His healing miracles also died for us.

Where is our sweet-breathed Jesus
Who no longer needs the motherly interventions of
His immaculate virgin mother, Mary?

Where is our sweet-breathed Jesus
To tear to pieces the veil which has darkened
The hearts of so many Christians these days?

Even if the Antichrist manages to ignite
The biggest fire of sorrows and despairs,
Don't be afraid of the those fake flames;
Jesus will finally draw his sword
To punish the wrongdoer Antichrist.*

Jesus is the good health to an aging body.
Jesus is the promise of hereafter to an immortal soul.
Keep on waiting for the sign of Jesus in his Second Coming.
Believe in Christ's ultimate return on the Judgment Day.
Rumi - my translation

*Pondering deeper over this line 'Jesus will finally draw his sword to punish the wrongdoer Antichrist' from my above translation, we can clearly grasp Rumi's in-depth  theological knowledge and understanding of the Holy Bible, particularly Passages from the New Testament. Rumi's mentioning of "Jesus will finally draw sword" is in reference to the following Biblical Teachings: Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and saw the traitor Judas arriving with Roman soldiers to arrest him. Christ's devoted disciples drew their swords to defend him, but Jesus immediately stopped them, teaching them and the humanity that violence is unacceptable for those who truly follow Jesus Christ and his peaceful teachings; "Jesus said to them 'Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.'"

New Testament - Matthew 26:52.

مولانا دربزرگداشت عيسي مسيح

آن گمان ترسا برد مــؤمن نــدارد آن گمــان
كــو مسيح خــويشتن را بــر چليپا مي كشد
اکنون مکن دوا که مسیح تو برزمینست
چون شد مسیح بسوی فلک فوت شد دوا
کو آن مسیح خوش دمی بی‌واسطه مریم یمی
کز وی دل ترسا همی پاره کند زنار را
 دجال غم چون آتشی گسترد ز آتش مفرشی
 کو عیسی خنجرکشی دجال بدکردار را
 تن را سلامت‌ها ز تو جان را قیامت‌ ها ز تو
عیسی علامت‌ ها ز تو وصل قیامت وار را

The Miracles of Jesus in Rumi’s Poetry

From Rumi's Masnavi - Book # 3 - Story of the sick and needy ones who showed up every early dawn at the door of Christ’s House hoping to get healed and cured by Holy Jesus. 

The House of Jesus always has a table spread
for the people of the heart.
O the sick and needy ones of this world,
haste, haste,
go and wait by the door of Christ's House.

Pay attention to how Jesus performed his miracles:
From every corner,
the poor, the maimed, the deaf and the blind
would all gather in the early hours of dawn,
and patiently wait at the door of House of Jesus
hoping to be healed by the Breath of Christ.

Jesus would spend the entire morning praying
in solitude and silence.
Holy Jesus would come out around noon
to witness a large multitude of sick and needy
waiting to be cured and healed by him.

Jesus would then address the crowd:
"O my Lord's afflicted ones,
by the infinite kindness and grace of  Almighty,
your prayers and wishes had just been answered.
Get up and walk without any pain and suffering,

By the sheer power of miracles and prayers of Christ,
they all quickly got up -
like a bunch of freed camels whose legs had been
tied up in chains for so long -
and rushed back happily towards their loved ones
completely healed and cured.
That's how Jesus performed his miracles...
~Rumi ~ my translation

مثنوی معنوی - دفتر سوم - مولانا
جمع آمدن اهل آفت هر صباحی بر در صومعهٔ عیسی علیه السلام جهت طلب شفا به دعای او

 صومعهٔ عیسیست خوان اهل دل
هان و هان ای مبتلا این در مهل
جمع گشتندی ز هر اطراف خلق
از ضریر و لنگ و شل و اهل دلق
بر در آن صومعهٔ عیسی صباح
تا بدم اوشان رهاند از جناح
او چو فارغ گشتی از اوراد خویش
چاشتگه بیرون شدی آن خوب‌کیش
جوق جوقی مبتلا دیدی نزار
شسته بر در در امید و انتظار
گفتی ای اصحاب آفت از خدا
حاجت این جملگانتان شد روا
هین روان گردید بی رنج و عنا
سوی غفاری و اکرام خدا
جملگان چون اشتران بسته‌پای
که گشایی زانوی ایشان برای
خوش دوان و شادمانه سوی خان
از دعای او شدندی پا دوان

The son of Mary, Jesus,
hurries up a slope
as though a wild animal were chasing him.
Someone following him asks,
'Where are you going?
No one is after you.'
Jesus keeps on, saying nothing,
across two more fields.
'Are you the one who says
words over a dead person,
so that he wakes up?’
"I am."
'Did you not make the clay birds fly?'
'Who then could possibly cause you to run like this?'
Jesus slows his pace.
"I say the Great Name over the deaf and the blind,
they are healed. Over a stony mountainside,
and it tears its mantle down to the navel.
Over non-existence, it comes into existence.
But when I speak lovingly for hours, for days,
with those who take human warmth and mock it, 
when I say the Name to them, nothing happens. 
They remain rock, or turn to sand,
where no plants can grow. 
Other diseases are ways for mercy to enter, 
but this non-responding
breeds violence and coldness toward God.
I am fleeing from that."

As little by little air steals water, 
so praise is dried up and evaporates with
foolish people who refuse to change. 
Like cold stone you sit on, 
a cynic steals body heat. 
He doesn't feel the sun.

Jesus wasn't running from actual people.
He was teaching in a new way.

The way of Jesus was wrestling with solitude 
and not gratifying lust. 
The way of Muhammad was to endure the oppression
and agonies inflicted by men and women upon each other.
If you cannot go by the way of Muhammad, 
at least go by the way of Jesus, 
so you won't remain completely outside the spiritual path.

I do not hesitate asking Jesus 
to also perform miracles in my life.
I am fully versed in the knowledge of his religion.

Jesus, son of Mary, 
is a spiritual form of Divine Compassion.
From the water of Virgin Mary or 
from the breath of Archangel Gabriel,
Jesus, the Spirit and the Word, came to be 
in an essence purified of nature.

God has said, 
“Jesus is a sign for mankind and a mercy from Me.
And We made the son of Mary and his mother a sign."

Jesus is the Seal of the Saints.
Jesus is the possessor of the highest Divine Knowledge. 
Jesus is the example of Service and Sacrifice.
Jesus is the Man of Sorrows.
Jesus is the Prince of Peace.
Jesus is the embodiment of Perfect Man.
Jesus is the Model Sufi; ascetic and pious.
Jesus is the example of detachment from the material world.
Jesus is the symbol of engendering.
Jesus is the Light and Fragrance of God.

Jesus is indeed the Word of God.
Jesus is indeed the Spirit of God.
Jesus is indeed alive and living in the fourth heaven.
Jesus is indeed the promised Messiah. 

Jesus raised up the dead and made birds from clay. 
Jesus healed the deaf and mute.
Jesus healed the lame and the blind.
God purified Jesus in body and exalted him in spirit. 
God made of him a symbol of love and purity.
The first words of Jesus in the cradle were, 
“Truly I am the Servant of God.”

Had there not been a meddler in the midst, 
Jesus would have revealed the "Mystery"
line by line.
He would have closed the road of the mouth
and opened the secret way. 
Jesus would have escaped by one cup of divine wine 
from the frenzy of speech.
For Jesus is the Word of God.

The difference lies in the form of the doctrine, 
not in the real nature of the Way.
People neither have any perception of the
Unicolority of Jesus,
nor they are dyed in the Tub of Jesus
which would make a hundred colors 
as simple and one-colored as the Light.

O people who have faith in Christ, 
This epoch is the epoch of Jesus. 
Embrace Christ's faith and his miraculous life
with all your heart and with all your soul.

For Jesus' sake, go and yield your life. 
Confess myriads of your obligations to Christ.
Don't let grief coming over you, 
when you witness that Christ's faith 
perishes among those who're ignorant of it.
Thanks be to God and to Jesus 
that I've become acquainted with his faith.

I see that the desire of Christ's faith
is purification of Self, and the liberty
from bondage of this material world.
I also see the desire for a sanctuary of the soul,
a blessed portal of unity, and a nest of the Eternal.
God's Spirit, Jesus who proceeds 
from the blessed Holy Spirit,
taught this doctrine.

In you is placed a soul
which is a mirror of Jesus' blessed Spirit.
Find release from humanity's carnal desire
and you will enter the Divine Kingdom.
Anyone who's pure and sinless like Jesus
Will be carried up to the fourth heaven.

You should be as Jesus, son of Mary,
on the way of sincerity,
to grasp the value and verity 
of the chapters and verses of the Gospel.

If for only a moment you free yourself
from this prison called the material world,
you will be like Jesus, unique in detachment.

Jesus has said, "You must be in the world, 
but not of the world;
be of the oppressed and not of the oppressors; 
receive abuse and return it not; 
let the motive of all your actions be the love of God, 
and rejoice in suffering."

Jesus has given me a message:
To be in seclusion and to live in silence. 
I wish to be dead so I may sit with Jesus 
at the top of the fourth heaven.

Since God has bestowed upon you
a spiritual connection with Himself,
stroke my head with your healing hand,
O Messiah!

With the Sufis, there is the practice of tasawuri: 
The perception of Sufi Master being always present,
though he might be long gone. 
If a Sufi's perception is on Jesus-the ever-present Master- 
then the Sufi begins to walk and breathe like Jesus, 
and draws in deep from the divine qualities
that were clearly manifested in Master Jesus. 
Then the Sufi becomes Christ-like, 
not in a poetic sense, not in an oratorical sense, 
but in actual reality.
Then the perception becomes reality.

Certainly it is right to say that 
God honored Jesus and drew him close, 
so that whoever serves Jesus has served the Lord, 
whoever obeys Jesus has obeyed the Lord,
and whoever loves Jesus has loved the Lord.

The faithful companions of Jesus
saw what Christ had told and seen
with the eye of the heart and the light of
certainty and sincerity of faith.

They sought the other world, abstaining
from the pride and allurements of this world,
and thus being saved from the slavery of
this material world and its lusts.
They put on patched garments and
traveled with Jesus from place to place.

Jesus son of Mary said to his disciples, 
"The sign by which you will be known 
as being my true companions and followers
is fulfilling this command of mine:
Love one another as I have loved you."

Jesus said also unto his disciples, 
"Love God, your Lord with all your heart and with all your soul, 
and love your neighbor as you love yourself."
The disciples asked Jesus, 
"Explain to us, O Spirit of God, 
what is the difference between these two loves?"
Jesus said, "You love your neighbor for yourself, 
and you love yourself for your Lord; 
so when you are bountiful yourself 
you are so toward your Lord."

Christ the promised Messiah, 
Walked on water as well as land.
Jesus the Spirit of God, 
Danced on the sea like a carefree waterbird.
This miracle occurred as a result of 
Jesus' strong faith in God.
Indeed, Jesus is the Miracle of God.

Jesus indeed walked on the water.
Walk with Jesus as he once said,
"Walk on the water of life in my company, 
and you will be safe from drowning."

By the sheer power of his life-giving breath and prayers, 
Jesus brought the already dead and buried Lazarus
back to life. 
Lazarus was revived by the Breath of Jesus,
but he died again as mortal ones would die. 
Some question why Lazarus had to die again
if he was delivered from death by Jesus?
Here is why: No one is resurrected into immortality,
except Jesus.

The Antichrist has taken over the world
and plunged it into darkness and tyranny.
But Christ, the promised Messiah,
shall come down from the fourth heaven
to defeat the wrongdoer Antichrist and his armies.
This world belongs to Christ, from end to end.
There is no room here for Antichrist's deceptive tricks.

Look at Jesus, son of Mary,
standing tall in the midst of the battlefield
with his sharp sword drawn for the Final Battle
to slay the Antichrist and defeat his wicked armies.

Open the way for Christ, the promised Messiah.
Keep on blowing the Resurrection Trumpet,
the Judgment Day is quickly approaching.

Those who truly love Christ, 
give up the donkey to buy Jesus.
Those who don't love Christ, 
give up Jesus to buy his donkey.
You have to be a real dumbass 
to give up Jesus and buy the ass!

Jesus sits before you, but out of sheer stupidity,
you decide to serve his donkey's hooves!
You took the snack which was to serve Jesus-
to the stable and put it in front of his donkey!
O simple man, 
How could Jesus eat from the same meal as his donkey?
How could Jesus go up to heaven on back of a donkey?
How could a lover be joined to sensuality?
Even if you take Jesus' donkey to Mecca,
it will still be a donkey when it returns!
When you enter the quarter of Jesus,
you don't ask, “Where is your donkey?”
Do You?!

You've abandoned Jesus and nurtured his donkey.
That is why, like a donkey, 
you must remain outside the curtain!

Don't buy donkey grain with the Gospel of Jesus! 
Don't buy the world's sympathy 
by faking you are a man of faith.
Your Jesus is dying of weakness, alas.
You are occupied solely in feeding his donkey!

You have been working yourself to death 
by taking loads of hay and straw to Christ's donkey.
You've served his donkey enough;
You carried its grasses and straw.
You cleaned its hooves and washed it.
Now, it's time for you to also serve Jesus! 

Love and piety are the good fortunes of Jesus, 
not of the ass, O asinine man!
The death of Jesus' donkey was difficult to watch, 
but in my case, it was sheer good luck. 
Because now that his donkey is gone, 
Jesus is standing right beside me!

Jesus, son of Mary went to heaven,
and his donkey remained below.
When Jesus was freed from his donkey,
his prayers were answered.

Jesus turns the drunkard into gold, 
and if he be gold, makes him into a jewel; 
if a jewel, Jesus makes him better still, 
better than the moon and Jupiter.
You are not a Jupiter without worth, 
but the Light of God has purchased: 
If you have anything of Joseph, 
you take the scent of this shirt.

Jesus was once asked, "O Spirit of God,
why do you not get yourself a donkey
to ride upon for your needs?
Jesus answered, "I am more honorable in my 
Lord's Sight than that He should provide me 
with something which may distract me
from Him."

Follow the shining examples of Jesus, 
so you can enjoy the abundant divine meal 
being lavishly laid out on your table. 
Follow the shining examples of Jesus, 
so you can enjoy the cherished company of
the soul of all souls and the king of both worlds. 

O Jesus who are ascended 
high up there into the heavenly spheres, 
take a good look down here upon us, 
and pull us high up there alongside with you.

Jesus on the lean donkey,
this is an emblem of how the rational intellect
should control the animal-soul.
Let your spirit be strong like Jesus.
If that part becomes weak,
then the worn-our donkey grows to a dragon.
Be grateful when what seems unkind
comes from a wise person.

Everything you touch will reach its goal
and fly with the wings of an angel. . . .
But wings cannot carry you to God.
Like the donkey that carried Jesus,
Only love can carry you to triumphal entry.

Without the donkey, 
Jesus could not ride to Jerusalem, 
which is to say that without the body, 
the spirit cannot reach its true beloved.

Too often, we put saddlebags on Jesus 
and let the donkey run loose in the pasture.
Don't make the body do what the spirit does best, 
and don't put a big load on the spirit 
that the body could carry easily.

There are thousands of wines
that can take over our minds.
Don't think all ecstasies are the same!
Jesus was lost in his love for God.
His donkey was drunk with barley.

I am not like his donkey
who's drunk with barely.
O friends, Jesus gives me
The red wine of monks!

Son, once you find what's inside,
you don't look at the shell.
Wherever Jesus stands,
you don't look at his donkey.
Do You?!

Be silent like Mary.
Let the one who has the Breath of Jesus talk.
Who told you to be a friend
of Jesus' donkey between your jobs?! 

O eye, don't look at the people.
O ear, don't hear good or bad.
O mind, don't act like his donkey,
You are going to finally see Jesus!

Your are the Jesus of time.
Journey without food to the wilderness. 
Walk on water like Jesus.
Don't sleep in the mud like his lazy donkey!

Jesus doesn't like people 
Who talk a lot, make lots of noise, 
who fight and create unnecessary hardships for others.
Jesus doesn't eat halva-sweets in their houses,
because that is the barn for his donkey!

Nowadays, if you are looking for a donkey,
I'd say, go ahead! 
Lots of donkeys are roaming around out there!
Don't search for Jesus though. 
No Jesus can be found among the ignorant.
Jesus was separated from his donkey
with a hallowed heart. 
But the heart of Jesus is not filled
With layer upon layer of dirt like a pouch.
The heart of Jesus is sacred and pure.

Just like the immortal soul of Jesus,
our immortal souls shall also be risen to Heaven.
Don't worry if the lean donkey of Jesus
is left behind in this world.
In Jesus, reason was strong;
his donkey was made lean by a strong rider.
Jesus didn't withhold candy from his donkey,
but the ass was naturally pleased with straw.
If candy had aroused delight in the ass,
Jesus would have poured out a hundred pounds for it.
Your lower-self (ego) is just like Jesus' donkey:
It can't stop thinking of how to get its fodder.

But if you have a guide like Jesus
and he has made you heartsick,
don't forget that your health, too, is from him.

Don't run away from Jesus.
How do you deal with affliction,
O you who have the healing Breath of Jesus inside?
Have pity on Jesus, not on the donkey!
Don't let your animal nature rule over your intellect.
For in this world, there is always a snake
guarding the treasure.

Where is our sweet-breathed Jesus 
who no longer needs the motherly interventions
of his holy virgin mother, the immaculate Mary?

Where is our sweet-breathed Jesus 
to tear into pieces the dark veil which has covered 
the hearts of so many so-called Christians these days?

Even if the Antichrist manages to ignite 
the biggest fire of sorrows and despairs in the World, 
don't be afraid of those fake fires. Don't be afraid!

Jesus shall come back again.
Jesus shall draw his sharp sword 
to defeat the wrongdoer Antichrist and his wicked armies.

Jesus is indeed the Prince of Peace.
Jesus was ascended into the Heavens 
and in his honor, even the immortal Angels 
made peace with the mortal humans. 

O people of faith quarreling over doctrinal differences,
the blessings of the life-giving Breath of Jesus 
will be also bestowed upon you, 
If you decide to reconcile with each other. 

The miracle of Jesus is himself, 
not what he said or did about the future. 
Every one of us is a living Christ for the nations.
Just like the healing hands of Jesus,
every pain and sufferings in this world
can be also healed
by a touch of our healing hands.

The immaculate heart of virgin Mary
was not ready to carry the light of Christ,
until the Holy Spirit got invisibly deposited 
into the womb of Mary mother of Jesus
through the breath of Archangel Gabriel.

Virgin Mary, whose soul was shredded into pieces
by the anxieties over her immaculate conception,
became pregnant with the charming Christ
through Holy Spirit breathed by Archangel Gabriel.

Mary was always silent and never spoke about herself,
but she was a truly eloquent speaker 
whenever she spoke about her dear son, Jesus Christ.

A Christ who doesn't belong to Earth or Sea.
A Christ who transcends the boundaries of both Worlds.

Our Mother Earth shall also get divinely impregnated
like the holy virgin mother of Jesus, Mary immaculate.

Jesus made his appearance via Mary, 
but as a matter of fact, 
that Divine Light which had illuminated Mary 
also drew Jesus back up high into the Heaven. 

There was reconciliation between 
the Angels and the human beings,
When the Messiah was raised to the spiritual realm.

The speech of Jesus is derived 
from the spiritual beauty of Mary 
which itself is a reflection of the Divine Breath.

Mary is the embodiment of purity, 
and Jesus, the embodiment of love. 

As the son of Mary, Jesus is human; 
but as one who could revive the dead, 
Jesus was of God as Spirit.

Jesus appeared from Gabriel's breath, 
but how could he be similar or comparable to him in form?
Man is from clay, but does he resemble clay? 
No grape looks like the vine.
In the cradle, Jesus raises a cry: 
"Without having become a youth,
I am already a master and an old man!"
If you see an ugly face, that is you; 
and if you see the beautiful faces of 
Jesus and Mary, that is also you.

In the fire of the Divine Love, 
Behold I saw a whole universe. 
Each particle there possessed 
The healing Breath of Jesus. 

It was Divine Love that breathed the glow of life
Which made the immaculate Mary pregnant with Jesus. 
It was Divine Love that produced the Holy Spirit 
Which made Mary deliver the miracle of Christ.

Sore distress is the evidence of worthiness 
To receive the Divine Bounty. 
It was Mary's want and pain that made 
Baby Jesus to begin speaking in the cradle.

Whatever comes, comes from a need,
a sore distress, a hurting want.
Mary's pain made the baby Jesus.
Her womb opened its lips
and spoke the Word.

We are like that story of Mary. 

Every one of us has a Jesus within, 
but unless we experience the pain of birthing,
our Jesus is not born.
If there is no pain,
our Jesus return by that hidden way
to the original place from which
he came, and we will be left deprived.

The healing Breath of Jesus
is the gift of a new life to a dead body,
and the promise of Hereafter to an immortal soul.
The healing Breath of Jesus
is the surest sign of of his second coming, 
and Christ's ultimate return before the Judgment Day.

By nature, 
every spirit has the life-giving Breath of Jesus,
but one breath wounds, while another heals.
If spirits were freed from the body’s veils,
everyone’s words could be like the Messiah’s.

The sweetness from the Breath of Jesus 
is like a new life to an already dead person. 
From Jesus Christ's sweet taste of life,
even the angels of death are left
with their mouths wide open!

The Breath of Jesus, 
which hourly brings forth another dawn, 
causes a sleeping world 
to raise its head from the earth.

Look at Jesus, son of Mary,
and how he gives life to the dead,
like water from the fountain of life.

To me, as to Mary, dates come forth 
from a withered branch without cause; 
to me, like Jesus, Master-ship comes unasked
in the cradle.

The life-bestowing Breath of Jesus
Is the equivalent of a kiss.
If someone asks you,
"How did Jesus bring the dead back to life?"
Don't say a word.
Just kiss her softly on the cheek.
Like this!

If I kiss you once,
I will become the Holy Spirit, like Jesus.
If I smell your apple,
I will give my soul, like Moses.

Jesus’s Breath made water mixed with clay.
Grow wings, become a bird and fly away!
Your praise is now hot air, but will appear 
A bird of heaven if your heart’s sincere.
Moses’s light made Sinai dance and spin,
Becoming thus a dervish, free of sin.
Mountains can change to dervishes each day,
Moses’s body used to be mere clay!

May that Breath of Jesus serve as your cure 
And make you like itself so blessed and pure.
Don’t claim in Spring on stone some verdure grows,
Be soft like soil to raise a lovely rose.

The Antichrist of grief is raising hell
With separation in my head.
I need Jesus, the Commander of Lover's Army,
To come and defeat the Antichrist and his army.
I should ask for the Breath of Jesus to get well.

The meaning of dying is need. 
Make yourself dead in need and poverty,
So that Jesus' Breath may bring you back to life,
And make it like itself: Beautiful and auspicious.

I’ve seen a world without a trace of death,
All atoms here have Jesus’s pure breath,
A world that’s dead in form, but lives in essence,
While that world lives in form, the realm of transience.

Jesus, by his Breath, made the dead to be living.
I am in the hand of the Creator of Jesus though.
How should I remain dead in the grasp of God? 
Likewise, do not hold this to be impossible 
in the hand of Jesus who once said,
"I am Jesus son of Mary, 
Anyone who's been revived by my life-giving breath 
will remain unto everlasting."
The dead man was made living by Jesus, 
but he died again. 
Lucky is the one who gives up life for Jesus.

O early dawn, source of awareness,
you have such a fresh breath.
Blow the Breath of Jesus upon those
whose hearts are already dead.

O Lovers of Jesus,
die in self-abasement and spiritual poverty, 
So that the Breath of Jesus may revive you, 
and make you richly blessed.

Religious raptures depend on feelings and will,
but the true Lovers of Jesus are transported
into the rapture and ecstasy 
by the life-giving Breath of Jesus.

Christ is the kindest and most caring Doctor of Love.
But how can Jesus possibly heal you
If you keep hiding your pain and sufferings 
from him?

The physician of the soul 
brought a tray as a present and said, 
"If you are a doting old man 
you will become fair and youthful.
It gives life to the body, intoxication to the soul;
it takes away from the heart’s slackness, 
from the cheeks’ pallor.

That was the Tray of Jesus, 
it became the inheritance of the physicians; 
you will find in it the antidote, 
if you have swallowed the poison of death.

You who seek that Tray of Jesus, 
pay good attention to Christ's teachings
and shining examples.

Where Jesus lives, the great-hearted gather.
Christ has a door that's never locked.
If you are suffering any kind of pain,
stay near his door. Open it.

I called through your door,
'The Sufi Mystics are gathering
in the street. Come on out!'
"Leave me alone. I'm sick."
'I don't care if you're dead!
Jesus is here, and he wants
to resurrect somebody!'

Why should I suffer from heartache?
Jesus, the Physician of Souls, is with me.
Why should I be afraid of the dogs? 
Christ, the Master of the Hunt, is with me.

Jesus used to fast all the time, never breaking the fast, 
and stayed up during the night, never sleeping.
Jesus not only spent the nights awake, 
but he also spent them in devotions.
Jesus was manifest in the world 
with the divine name, 'Time' during the day, 
and with the divine name, 'Self-Subsisting', or 
'He who is neither overcome by sleep nor slumber', 
during the night. 

Christ said, "That's me, Jesus with a beautiful smile.
This world shall be visited by me once again.
I'm now living in my Lord's heavenly realms,
I no longer needs the motherly care of
My holy virgin mother, Mary immaculate."

Jesus said, "There are four qualities which are 
not found in one person without causing wonder:
Silence which is the beginning of worship.
Sincere humility before God.
An ascetic attitude towards this material world.
Living in poverty which is to live in abundance.

Jesus was asked, "O Word of God,
What is the most difficult thing in this world and the next?” 
Jesus said, “The Wrath of God.” 
They asked again, “And what can save us from that?” 
Jesus answered, 
“Master your own wrath and suppress your own rage."

Jesus said to his disciples:
"A sinner who honestly repents before God,
is a better believer than a pious man 
who makes a display of devotion."

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.
Jesus sat humbly on the back of a donkey, my child. 
How could a zephyr ride a donkey? 
Why did Jesus ride on a donkey? 
For Jesus, the sovereign of sovereigns, 
not a donkey’s back but riding horses was worthy of him.
Child, Jesus sat on a donkey for humility’s sake.
He was showing us how to be humble. 

The humility of Jesus was such 
that he had commanded his community
to completely humble themselves:
That if they were struck on one cheek,
they should also turn the other,
and not hit back or seek retribution.

Christ passed by a group of Pharisees who insulted him.
Every time they spoke a word of evil,
Christ answered with good.
Simon the pure said to Jesus, 
"Will you answer them with good each time they speak evil?"
Christ said, "Each person spends of what he owns."

Christ is the population of the world,
and every object as well. 
There is no room for hypocrisy. 
Why use bitter soup for healing
when sweet water is everywhere?

Spring is Christ,
Raising martyred plants from their shrouds.
Their mouths open in gratitude, 
wanting to be kissed.
This wind is the Holy Spirit.
The trees are Mary.

Jesus, son of Mary
Was constantly travelling and preaching.
Like an ever flowing stream filled with Water of Life, 
Jesus kept on bestowing new life to the dead.

While outward travelling lies in words and deeds
Beyond the sky the inner journey leads.
While bodily senses only know things dry, 
Like Jesus, over water souls pass by.

A table of food was once coming down from the sky 
to feed Moses and his people, 
when suddenly voices from the crowd called out, 
"Where's the garlic?" and "We want lentils!"
At once the bread and the dishes of grace-food disappeared.
Everyone had to keep digging
with mattocks and cutting with long scythes.
Then Jesus interceded and sent more trays of food.
But again some insolent people showed no respect.
They grabbed like it wouldn't be enough,
even though Jesus kept telling them, 
"This food will last. It will always be here."
To be suspicious and greedy when majesty arrives
is the worst arrogance.
The gates closed.

Jesus once interceded for a man,
A bounteous feast was sent down in God’s plan,
But then some greedy brats who lacked respect
Like beggars grabbed the most they could collect,
Even though Jesus cried, "It’s infinite, 
You greedy fools, you’ll not run out of it!"
Regard this lust and faithless attitude
Before God’s feast as sheer ingratitude.

The universe came into being gradually over six days. 
God could have just commanded, Be!
Little by little a person reaches forty and fifty
and sixty, and feels more complete. 
God could have thrown full-blown prophets 
flying through the cosmos in an instant.

Jesus said one word, and a dead man sat up,
but creation usually unfolds, like calm breakers.

The Word came from the non-physical realm. 
When the Word lifted up the veil and showed himself, 
Then people realized 
That the Word was a manifestation of God.
If the Word comes from God’s Wisdom, 
It accomplishes the spiritual processes of the Divine.  
But if it comes from us human beings, 
It causes quarrels and wars.

Someone said to Jesus, “We will come to your house.” 
Jesus replied, “Where is my house in this world, 
and how could I have a house?”
Jesus was wandering in the desert 
when a great rainstorm broke. 
He went to take shelter in the den of a jackal,
in the corner of its cave, until the rain ceased. 
A revelation came to him, saying, 
“Get out of the jackal’s den, 
for the jackal’s little ones cannot rest on account of you.” 
Jesus cried aloud, “O Lord, the jackal’s pups have a shelter, 
but the son of Mary has no place to call home.”

Jesus laughed a lot, while John the Baptist wept a lot. 
John said to Jesus, “You've become exceedingly carefree 
against all the subtle deceits, that you laugh so much.” 
Jesus replied, “You have become exceedingly 
unmindful of the subtle, mysterious, wonderful graces
and loving kindness of God, that you weep so much.” 
One of God’s saints was present at this incident. 
He asked God, “Which of these two has the higher station?” 
God answered,“Jesus, for he thinks better of Me.”

Indeed, Jesus was a laugher, 
John the Baptist a frowner; 
the former laughed out of trust, 
the latter frowned from fear.

The pregnant mother of John the Baptist,  
Elizabeth excitedly confided to Virgin Mary
the most incredible experience of her pregnancy:
"O Mary, I believe without any slightest doubt that
the child you're carrying inside your womb is a King.
He is indeed the promised Messiah and Spirit of God.
O Mary, when I was standing next to you,
I felt that my still unborn child, John
bowed down to your unborn child, Jesus.
John leaped for joy and bowed down with such passion,
that my whole body is still in pain and aches all over."
"I know my dear Elizabeth,
I already know who he really is.
deep inside my womb,
I also felt your still unborn son, baby John,
prostrating himself before my beautiful baby Jesus," 
Mary said.

When divine care arrives, struggling begins. 
Jesus, what a struggle he made! 
Yet John the Baptist recognized that gift 
while Jesus was still in Mary’s womb. 
Grace comes first. 
Then if, by accident, awareness enters in, 
this is the fruit of God’s Grace-
the pure Gift of the Lord. 
If this were not true, 
then how could Jesus’ disciples 
have received such blessings?

Jesus said, “I wonder at the living creature 
that can eat another living creature.” 
The literalists say that Jesus refers to
people eating the flesh of animals.
This is an error. Why? 
Because when people eat flesh,
it is not animal any longer, but inanimate.
Once the animal is killed, 
the living spirit is gone from that flesh. 
The true meaning of this saying is:
The master always consumes the disciple! 
I find Jesus' above saying so extraordinary.

Jesus lays down one day with his head upon a stone.
Satan, passing by, said to him:
"O Jesus, you are so fond of this world!"
So Jesus took the stone and cast it
from under his head, saying:
"This be yours, together with this material world!"

Jesus was followed by a stupid fool
Who came across some bones in a deep pit:
‘Teach me God’s Greatest Name, my friend,’ he said,
‘With which you’re able to revive the dead,
So I can do some good to these poor bones
And grant them life though now they’re like mere stones.’

Jesus said, ‘Shut your mouth! That’s out of reach: 
It’s not designed for your lips or your speech.
It needs breath purer than the rain and light,
And action finer than an angel’s flight —
It may take longer than a century 
To make you fit for heaven’s treasury.
If you should grasp this rod now, understand
Your hand is not like Moses’s pure hand.’
He said, ‘If I’m not fit for secrets now,
You should chant over these bones anyhow!’

Jesus asked, ‘What’s the meaning of this, God? 
What is the point of a request so odd?
Despite his sickness, this fool feels no strife:
This corpse is not concerned for his own life.
His own corpse this man chooses to neglect,
So that a stranger he might resurrect!’

God said, "Such fools are bad luck; all that grows
Are thorns from what the ignorant man sows.
Those who in this world sow seeds of this kind
Inside the rose-garden you’ll never find.
A rose in their hands turns into a thorn, 
And as vile snakes such men are soon reborn;
Poison and snakes they make with alchemy —
As different from the pure souls as can be."

Jesus said God’s Name over all the bones 
Because of that young man’s persistent moans;
That immature man thus, by God’s decree,
Saw bones come back to life incredibly,
But then a lion, not a man, appeared,
And knocked him down — for his own life he feared!
It broke his skull, which fell upon the ground —
It was an empty shell, no brain was found!
There would have been no harm if he had more
Than just a body, but there was no core.

Jesus asked, ‘Lion, why leave him for dead?’ 
‘Because he bothered you,’ the lion said,
‘But why not drink his blood once he’s been killed?’
‘Because that isn't what the Lord has willed.’
The lion said, ‘Messiah, killing then
Was just a lesson for the sake of men.
If in this world I still had time ahead
I wouldn't be right now among the dead.’

Once, Jesus entered a cave and 
discovered a man sleeping on the floor. 
“Get up,” Jesus said, “and get to work. 
Make a way for yourself. The world is passing you by."
"But I've done enough work to last two lifetime,"
the man replied. "I've established a place for myself
in the next life."
"What have you accomplished, then?" Jesus asked.
"This world to me is a piece of straw. It's like a 
crust of bread, or a bone that I might toss to the dogs.
Oh, I've been free of this world a long time now,
and I look for nothing from God.
Why should I look for happiness in this life.
I have no attachment, and I'm free," man responded.
When Jesus heard the man's reply, he said, 
"Sleep soundly, then. Go and do as you like.
Since you are no longer bothered by the world,
it cannot hinder you. You have accomplished it all."

Jesus saw a snake charmer crouching beside a hole,
trying to coax the creature from its lair.
The charmer was incanting and
using magic potions and spells.
As Jesus passed by, the snake poked its head 
out of the hole and said, "O Spirit of God, 
O the shining candle of all creatures, 
a thirty year old man is trying to lure me from my lair,
though I am a full three hundred years of age."

Some time later, Jesus revisited the area and saw
the snake charmer sitting in the market wit his basket.
"How is the spell-casting going?" Jesus asked.
"I managed to charm the snake into my basket," 
he answered.
Jesus lifted the wicker lid and peered in. 
Sure enough, there was the snake, coiled up.
Jesus asked the snake, 
"How could you have allowed yourself to be captured?"
 After all, you knew what the charmer was up to."
"That's true," answered the snake. 
"Yet none of his charm worked on me. 
No, it was the repetition of God's Name 
that mesmerized me. 
It was the Divine Name which charmed me.
Oh, how I wish that a hundred souls like me
could find joy in His Name." 

A dog lay dead by the wayside,
With its jaws open wide.
A truly foul stench rose from that dog.
When Jesus came to it
He told his companions: “This dog belongs to God;
Look how white its teeth are!”
Jesus perceived neither ugliness nor a foul stench,
But saw all the unpleasantness as pleasant in reality.
Learn to see purely like this, if you’re a bondsman
And one who perceives realities.
See everything as having the same color and worth –
See the gem in its mouth, rather than the serpent!
Choose goodness, kindness to others,
Munificence and fidelity.
If you have knowledge of God, be His bondsman,
Be a grateful recipient of bounty from Him;
Year in and year out you enjoy bounty from Him,
But neglect what is owed for it!

Jesus passed by three men. 
Their bodies were lean and their faces pale.
Jesus asked them, "What has brought you to this plight?" 
They answered, "Fear of the Fire." 
Jesus said, "You fear a thing created, and it behoves God 
that He should save those who fear."
Then he left them and passed by three others, 
whose faces were paler and their bodies leaner, 
and Jesus asked them, "What has brought you to this plight?" 
They answered, "Longing for Paradise."
Jesus said, "You desire a thing created, and it behoves God that 
He should give you that which you hope for." 
Then he went on and passed by three others 
of exceeding paleness and leanness, 
so that their faces were as mirrors of light, 
and Jesus asked them, "What has brought you to this?" 
They answered, "Our Love of God." 
Jesus said, "You are the nearest to Him, 
you are the nearest to God."

Jesus has issued this command to me:
To separate from friends and family,
To face the wall and sit here all alone,
Renouncing life, and that includes my own.

From now on I have no right to even speak 
Let alone teach the wisdom that you seek,
I’m dead from now on, friends, so it’s goodbye,
I’m taking my belongings to the sky!

In order not to burn like wood in hell,
Enduring blame and hardship there as well,
I’ll sit with Jesus from now on up there
In heaven’s summit, like a perfect pair.

When you have Jesus, eyes have little value;
Don’t go astray — an inner eye he’ll give you.
Your spirit’s Jesus is within, so pure —
Seek help from it, then you can feel secure!
But don’t compel your Jesus-pure heart to
Perform the work your body’s meant to do,
Like that fool whom we mentioned previously 
Regarding Jesus and his purity —
Don’t ask your Jesus for a body’s health.
Don’t ask your Moses for vile Pharaoh’s wealth.

How could the Red Sea remain a barrier
in the path before Moses?
How could Jacob not smell
that scent of Joseph from the shirt?
How could the blind remain blind
in the protection of Jesus?

Moses was Moses, though still a shepherd. 
Joseph was Joseph, though still in the well.
Jesus was Jesus, though still a poor carpenter.

Moses had a a table spread in the wilderness.
Jesus had a table spread for his disciples.
To celebrate those sacred gatherings, 
Lord sent down a table spread with food from Heaven.

The Spread Table has come from heaven
To those who fast. 
It was Jesus, son of Mary 
Who has called it down with his prayers. 

When Noah sails upon the flooding waters,
you will be his ark.
When the Prophet ascends to heaven,
you will be his ladder.
When Jesus walks among the weary souls,
you will be his healing breath.
When Moses goes forth as a shepherd,
you will be his staff.

Man is like the staff of Moses. 
Man is like the incantation of Jesus.
For the sake of justice and for the sake of decorum, 
the true believer's heart is in the hand of
God, between His two fingers.

The exterior form of Moses' staff is just a piece of wood, 
but all created existence is one mouthful to it 
when it opens its throat.

In the incantation of Jesus,
do not regard merely the letter and the sound,
regard the fact that death turned and fled from it.

In the incantation of Jesus,
do not regard the petty words, 
consider that the dead sprang up and sat down.

In the case of staff of Moses, 
do not regard the easy getting of it,
regard the fact that it cleft the Red Sea
and turned the Nile River blood-red.

You have seen from afar the black canopy, 
take a step forward and behold Moses' army.
From afar you see nothing but the dust, 
advance a little and see Moses in the dust.
His dust makes eyes bright; 
his manliness uproots mountains.
When Moses came up 
from the remotest part of the desert, 
at his advent Mount Sinai began to dance.

Mount heaven like Jesus; 
say, let me see like Moses, 
for God will not say to you, 
“Silence, you shall not see Me.”

Because commonality is a wonderful attractor; 
wherever there is a seeker, 
a kindred spirit is his attractor. 
Jesus and Enoch went up to the Heavens
because they were kindred spirits 
with the Angels. 

You are Jesus and the sweet Breath of Jesus.
You are Jesus son of the blessed Mary immaculate.
You are the secret and keeper of those secrets.
Come, bestow upon us some miracles.

You are the young boy Jesus,
and I am your clay bird.
Breathe on me.
Let me fly out of sight.

Tell me, since you are Jesus,
What is the Kingdom of God?
Can you show us the Realm of Divinity
In the earthly realm of humans?

I am Archangel Gabriel, 
You are my Divine Calling.
I'm the sick and needy soul of this world,
You are my healer, Jesus son of Mary.

Since You are Jesus son of Mary,
Sit us at the same table as Mary.
Let's eat from the same bowl.
Let's play the same song that
You've put into our hearts.

The wind like Gabriel, you a Mary
Born to this pair: Jesus of silkrose cheeks.
The dance of you two, key to the ever-life
Endless mercy on this dance!

The miracles that Jesus fashioned 
by speaking the Name Hu,
come clearly to us through the name of 
his holy virgin mother, Mary immaculate.
When the soul is in union with God,
to speak of God is to speak of the soul,
and to speak of the soul is to speak of Him.

By God's Grace, the mortal body made of soil,
becomes immortal and rests in the heavenly gardens.
The life-giving wind coming from God's Realm,
brings the dead to life, making Jesus jealous!

Sorrow for God's sake
is a treasure in my heart. 
My heart is light upon light, 
a beautiful Mary with Jesus in the womb.

Shams of Tabriz is Jesus 
walking a mountain road. 
I am a slow, bewildered 
avalanche moving along somehow 
trying to follow him. 

If you want to a new Jesus born every moment, 
Send a breeze from your rose garden 
To the garments of Mary.

If you want the land of existence
To change into the non-existence,
Set the fire that Moses, son of Imran, saw,
Into the harvest of your grief and mourning.

If you want to reach the spiritual realm,
You should talk to Jesus. 
Don’t even try to climb up the holy sky.

If you want to go to heaven, 
Become Jesus' loyal companion. 
Do not aim for the celestial spheres.

Beg for forgiveness like the castaway Adam, 
in hope of being allowed back into the Paradise. 
Rise up high to Heaven like Jesus, 
and let go of Christ's donkey.

O heart, take refuge in Christ. 
Go and sleep like a drunkard 
In the shadow of Jesus.
He's already gone to Heaven, 
But both you and I
Are still crying for him.

Myriads were the therapeutic art of the
Eminent Greek doctor and philosopher, Galen.
But before Jesus and his life-giving Breath,
They were a laughing stock.

When you leaves all the colors behind 
and enter the earthenware of Jesus, 
God’s color shall appear. 
From then onward, 
God can do what He Wills.

When Jesus, Love's Spirit, takes flight,
Never again will he lower his wing
To return to Man's worldly realm of labor.
Jesus would only come back to redeem the world.

Jesus is The Reason for the Season.
Christmas is Christ's holy Season.
Come, let's all take a moment
and pray in silence and solitude to Lord Almighty.
Like Jesus Christ, 
let's all pay our deepest respects
to his holy virgin mother, Mary immaculate.

Like a treasure-keeper,
I tightly guard this pain deep inside my heart.
The light of my heart has become illuminated
by the divine light.
Just like the immaculate Mary who's carrying 
the beautiful baby Jesus in her womb.

O Jesus, you have suffered for God’s sake
Because no treasure is without its snake.
Jesus, how are you coping with deniers?
How are you with those jealous liars?
For stupid men’s sake, you bear endless strife,
So selflessly you can replenish life.
With those sick, useless ones how can you live?

O Jesus who are so exalted,
As you pass through the sky of love,
Turn your head; look down from the heaven,
And pull us high up there with you.

O Jesus, you are pulling the Soul
Towards the star of the Pleiades.
You are leading Saul high,
Highest to the most exalted God.
Like Moses, 
You are bringing water out of a rock.
You are pulling Moses back to Mount Sinai.

Korah went down the well like a bucket.
Jesus ascended the dome of the sky
with the rope he threw to the heaven.

Korah who was the anchor of the earth,
was pulled and swallowed by earth.
The sky pulled and exalted
the greatest of the great, Jesus.

When Buraq, the winged horse of love, 
arrives from heaven, it will deliver 
Jesus, the Spirit of God, from this donkey,
yes indeed!

Either fly to the heavens like Jesus, 
or fall to the depths like Korah.

Like Jesus, your image goes into the heart 
to bestow a new spirit like Divine Revelation, 
it descends upon Moses at the mountain.

Within the breast, you paint a form,
fatherless like Jesus.
Were Avicenna to try to understand it, 
he would be an ass on ice!

Jesus calls from the fourth heaven,
Where communion is celebrated,
"Welcome. Wash your hands and face.
It is time to sit at the table together."

When Jesus found the ladder of God's Light, 
he hastened to the top of the fourth dome. 
Since Jesus has gone to the fourth heaven, 
what need has he for the Church?

I am not tied to this house, 
for like Jesus, 
I have a house upon the fourth heaven.
From now on, let me sit with Jesus 
on top of the fourth heaven.

Set the table spread of angels
at the heart assembly of drunkards.
Offer Jesus' heavenly meals
to hearts already drunk for Christ.

Bring meal from the sky, like Jesus.
Bring back to life three dead people
With your warm breath, like Jesus.
Become poor to make poor beggars rich,
Like Jesus.

To watch a fire when Moses went one day
He managed to escape from hell this way.
Jesus jumped up to flee the enemy
That jump took him to heaven instantly!
Forbidden fruit trapped Adam, as decreed,
His being turned then to Mankind’s first seed.

In the providential history of the time, 
Moses is the symbol of plurality and this world, 
and Jesus of unity and the next world.

O Joseph, come to poor Jacob
He has gone blind out of grief and
Incessant crying for you.
O young Joseph, come,
Poor Jacob has become very frail and old.

O hidden Jesus,
Appear from the dome of the heaven
Come and breathe on us
Bring us all spiritually dead people back to life.

O Moses, son of Amram,
I have the entire Mount Sinai in my heart for you.
Come down quickly from Mount Sinai,
They are again worshiping the golden calf as a god.

Joseph is back.
And if you don't feel in yourself
The freshness of Joseph,
Be Jacob.

Weep and then smile.
Do not pretend to know something
You have not experienced.

There is a necessary dying,
Then Jesus is breathing again.

Very little grows on jagged rock.
Be ground. Be crumbled.
So wild flowers will come up
Where you are.

You have been stony for too long.
Try something different: Surrender!

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