The Miracles of Jesus in Rumi’s Poetry

From Rumi's Masnavi - Book # 3 - Story of the sick and needy ones who showed up every early dawn at the door of Christ’s House hoping to get healed and cured by Holy Jesus. 

The House of Jesus always has a table spread
for the people of the heart.
O the sick and needy ones of this world,
haste, haste,
go and wait at the door of Christ's House.

From every corner,
the poor, the maimed, the deaf and the blind
would all gather in the early hours of dawn,
and patiently wait at the door of House of Jesus
hoping to be healed by the Breath of Christ.

Jesus would spend the entire morning praying
in solitude and silence.
Holy Jesus would come out around noon
to witness a large multitude of sick and needy
waiting to be cured and healed by him.

Jesus would then address the crowd:
"O my Lord's afflicted ones,
by the infinite kindness and grace of Lord Almighty,
your prayers and wishes had just been answered.
Get up and walk without any pain and suffering,
Get Up!"

By the sheer power of miracles and prayers of Christ,
they'd all quickly get up,
like a bunch of freed camels whose legs had been
tied up in chains for so long,
and rush back happily towards their loved ones
completely healed and cured.
That's how Jesus performed his miracles.

Have you ever thought of learning how to deal with your own pain and sufferings?
Have you found your own spiritual well-being through any master of faith?
Have you looked for any cure for your own spiritual lameness?
When will you finally decide to heal your own sad and afflicted soul?

O you ignorant creatures of this materialistic world,
tie up some rope of spirituality around your legs
so you don't lose yourself in this material world.
So you don't end up being mistreated and abused
like a low-life and battered street prostitute.

Why are you always forgetful and ungrateful to everyone?
Why are you always feeling bitter about your life?
Your loved ones don't remember seeing you
enjoying a sweet moment in your life.
If you continue to go down this self-destructive path,
you will end up making everyone around yourself
becoming sick and tired of you.
At the end, all the doors will be closed in your face.

Go and immediately reach out to your loved ones.
Go and honestly seek their forgiveness.
Like the pregnant clouds of a pouring Spring rain
go and cry a river over their shoulders.
So they can hopefully forgive you.
So you can bloom again in their flower gardens.
So you can once again taste
each other's sweet fruits of friendship.

Never break someone's trust and confidence in you.
Never give people reasons to judge you as untrustworthy.
Many dogs are untrustworthy because of their untrustful owners.
A trusted dog is the pure reflection of a trustful owner.

The sorrow and emptiness you carry in your life
are like an old tree
that grows long roots deep inside your soul.
The base of your tree is openly visible,
yet the roots always hidden.
The hardest problems and widest possible solutions
of your life
are both deeply rooted inside the base
of your tree of life.
If the base of your tree is rotten, chop it off!
Start planting a new tree, a brand new life.
You don't want infected roots destroying
an otherwise beautiful rose garden,
do you?

If you're faced with challenges in your life
seek to overcome those challenges,
no house can survive without a solid foundation.

Life always offers us a vast array of opportunities.
Seize life's opportunities by expanding your horizons.
Broaden your outlook on life,
so you can reap the fruits of your own labor.

O Lord, O The Lord of Grace and Beneficence,
I know very little. I don't know anything.
You Are The One Who Knows Everything.

O Lord, You've commanded me to alwyas remeber You.
O Lord, Your remembrance never gets old or boring to me.

مثنوی معنوی - دفتر سوم - حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي
جمع آمدن اهل آفت هر صباحی بر در صومعهٔ عیسی علیه السلام جهت طلب شفا به دعای او

 صومعهٔ عیسیست خوان اهل دل
هان و هان ای مبتلا این در مهل
جمع گشتندی ز هر اطراف خلق
از ضریر و لنگ و شل و اهل دلق
بر در آن صومعهٔ عیسی صباح
تا بدم اوشان رهاند از جناح
او چو فارغ گشتی از اوراد خویش
چاشتگه بیرون شدی آن خوب‌کیش
جوق جوقی مبتلا دیدی نزار
شسته بر در در امید و انتظار
گفتی ای اصحاب آفت از خدا
حاجت این جملگانتان شد روا
هین روان گردید بی رنج و عنا
سوی غفاری و اکرام خدا
جملگان چون اشتران بسته‌پای
که گشایی زانوی ایشان برای
خوش دوان و شادمانه سوی خان
از دعای او شدندی پا دوان
آزمودی تو بسی آفات خویش
یافتی صحت ازین شاهان کیش
چند آن لنگی تو رهوار شد
چند جانت بی غم و آزار شد
ای مغفل رشته‌ای بر پای بند
تا ز خود هم گم نگردی ای لوند
ناسپاسی و فراموشی تو
یاد ناورد آن عسل‌نوشی تو
لاجرم آن راه بر تو بسته شد
چون دل اهل دل از تو خسته شد
زودشان در یاب و استغفار کن
همچو ابری گریه‌های زار کن
تا گلستانشان سوی تو بشکفد
میوه‌های پخته بر خود وا کفد
بی‌وفایی چون سگان را عار بود
بی‌وفایی چون روا داری نمود
غصه بیخست و بروید شاخ بیخ
بیخ پنهان بود هم شد آشکار
قبض و بسط اندرون بیخی شمار
چونک بیخ بد بود زودش بزن
تا نروید زشت‌خاری در چمن
قبض دیدی چارهٔ آن قبض کن
زانک سرها جمله می‌روید ز بن
بسط دیدی بسط خود را آب ده
چون بر آید میوه با اصحاب ده
ای خداوند ای قدیم احسان تو
آنک دانم وانک نه هم آن تو
تو بفرمودی که حق را یاد کن
زانک حق من نمی‌گردد کهن
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