Peace is Achievable, a Poem by Rumi

War and peace have always been played out in the world
to somehow grab Almighty Lord's attention.

I'm willing to annihilate my own self
for the sake of achieving global peace.

Jesus suddenly ascended into the heavens,
and in his honor,
even immortal angels made peace with mortal humans.

O World, the blessings of Breath of Jesus
will be bestowed upon you,
If you strive to promote global peace.

Take my words for it: at the end of the day,
even the oppressor and the oppressed will make peace.

There is no conflict in this world that can't be reconciled.
Go and put a stop to all these ongoing hatred and vengeance.

Go become one, like a consanguineous united family.
Everlasting peace is what I'm seeking for our world.

آشتی و جنگ ز جذبهٔ حق است
نیست زنم هست ز سر آشتی
رفت مسیحا به فلک ناگهان
با ملکان کرد بشر آشتی
ای فلک لطف مسیحادمی
گر بکنی بار دگر آشتی
صلح درآ این قدر آخر بدانک
کرد کنون جبر و قدر آشتی
بس کن کین صلح مرا دایمست
نیست مرا بهر سپر آشتی
 حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي
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