Face Your Problems Head On, a Poem by Rumi

What's the task of a lover,
if not always behaving completely insane?
What's the flirting of a lover,
if not always pretending to be a complete stranger?
Go and learn from an atom
how to get entirely dissolved into the light.
Go and learn from a moth
how to man up in front of a burning flame.
Go and step out right into your battlefields
like a brave and roaring lion.
Don't even think for an instant
how your battles might begin or end.
Do you know embarrassing it is
for a brave lion not to face a scared fox?!

چه باشد پیشه عاشق بجز دیوانگی کردن
چه باشد ناز معشوقان بجز بیگانگی کردن
ز هر ذره بیاموزید پیش نور برجستن
ز پروانه بیاموزید آن مردانگی کردن
چو شیر مست بیرون جه نه اول دان و نه آخر
که آید ننگ شیران را ز روبه شانگی کردن

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