Rumi's Homage To Jesus Christ

Muslims reject the Crucifixion of Jesus,
but Christians devoutly believe
that Christ was crucified on a Cross.
When it comes to dealing with true lovers,
even Muslims' angel of death, Asrafil feels helpless!
For the true lovers of the Beloved,
annihilation comes
through melancholic thoughts of His Love.
Anyone being a true lover like Hallaj*,
will happily annihilate self for the sake of Love (God).
Who else but a true lover
would dare delibrately annihilating self?
Where is that sweet-breathed Jesus
who no longer needs
the motherly interventions of Virgin Mary?
Where is that sweet-breathed Jesus
who tears into pieces
the girdle which has darkened
the hearts of Christians?
Even if the Antichrist manages to ignite
the biggest fire of sorrows and despairs,
don't be afraid of the those raging flames,
Jesus will finally draw his sword
to punish the wrongdoer Antichrist.**
Jesus is the good health to an aging body.
Jesus is the hereafter to an immortal soul.
Wait patiently for the sign Jesus in his second coming.
Believe in Christ's ultimate return on the Judgment Day.

*By Hallaj, Rumi's alluding to the truly ecstatic and illuminated 9th century Persian Sufi poet, Mansoor Hallaj who is also known as the 'Martyred Sufi Mystic of Love". Hallaj was charged with blasphemy and subsequently burned at the stake for uttering in a moment mystical ecstasy: I'm God. Mansoor Hallaj is greatly admired and universally considered a true lover of God who sacrificed self to reach the much cherished ultimate destination of a Sufi mystic, mystical union with Almighty God.

** Analyzing this line 'Jesus will finally draw his sword to punish the wrongdoer Antichrist' from my above translation, we can clearly grasp Rumi's in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Holy Bible, particularly the New Testament. Rumi's mentioning of "Jesus will finally draw sword" is in reference to the following Biblical Teachings: Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane and saw the traitor Judas arriving with Roman soldiers to arrest him. Christ's devoted disciples drew their swords to defend him, but Jesus immediately stopped them, teaching his disciples and the humanity that violence is unacceptable for those who truly follow Jesus Christ and his Christian teachings: "Jesus said to them 'Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.'" Matthew 26:52.

حضرت مولانا جلال الدين بلخي رومي دربزرگداشت حضرت عيسي مسيح عليه السلام

آن گمان ترسا برد مــؤمن نــدارد آن گمــان
كــو مسيح خــويشتن را بــر چليپا مي كشد
نيست عـزرائيل را دست و رهي بــر عـاشقان
 عاشقــان عشق را هم عشق و سـودا مي كشد
هر يكي عاشق چو منصورند خود را مي كشند          
 غيــرعاشق وانما كي خـويش عمداً مي كشد
کو آن مسیح خوش دمی بی‌واسطه مریم یمی
کز وی دل ترسا همی پاره کند زنار را
 دجال غم چون آتشی گسترد ز آتش مفرشی
 کو عیسی خنجرکشی دجال بدکردار را
 تن را سلامت‌ها ز تو جان را قیامت‌ها ز تو
عیسی علامت‌ها ز تو وصل قیامت وار را

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