Shaykh Qadri Issues Fatwa (Religious Edict) Against Terrorists

Shaykh Qadri issuing Fatwa (Religious Ruling) against terrorists in London today.

It's with such pride and pleasure that we witness that at the dawn of 21st century, and in these turbulent times of profound religious animosities and mistrusts, a Sufi Shaykh, once again, rising to the occasion by not only condemning and rejecting any and all acts of prejudice, hatred, and terrorist activities by the fanatic Muslims, but also preaching the genuine Sufi teachings of respect, tolerance, and interfaith-dialogues.

To read the 600-pages Fatwa of Shaykh Qadri in English , please click on above image or visit: "Fatwa: Suicide Bombing and Terrorism" (in English)

"The world needs an absolute, unconditional, unqualified and total condemnation of terrorism. No person in the whole world can provide a single evidence from Koran who would create any exceptional permissibility to committing suicide bombing..So that the whole world may know that whatever the terrorists are doing, they no link with Islam, and I wanted to give this message to the youth in Western world also, that these kind of activities will lead them to hellfire, and they're not involved in any kind of martyrdom operation. Rather they are doing an act which is an act of disbelief...The reality is that whatever these terrorists are doing it is not martyrdom. All these activities are taking them to hellfire.."Excertps from Shaykh Qadris' Fatwa (Religious Ruling) on Terrorists.

Sheikh Issues Fatwa Against Terrorists
3 Mar 2010

(Newser) – An influential Islamic scholar has issued a sweeping and unreserved condemnation of terrorism in all its forms as un-Islamic. "Terrorism is terrorism, violence is violence and it has no place in Islamic teaching and no justification can be provided for it," Sheik Tahir ul-Qadri wrote in his 600-page fatwa ruling against terrorism. He warned that suicide bombers are not martyrs but "heroes of hellfire" whose actions can never be considered part of holy war.

Qadri is far from the first Islamic scholar to condemn terrorism, but he goes further than most by declaring terrorists unbelievers instead of merely declaring terrorist acts forbidden, the Independent notes. His ruling is one of the few available both online and in English, and experts hope it may sway Western-born Muslims leaning toward extremism. An Urdu-language version will soon be issued in Pakistan, where a close friend of Qadri's was assassinated last year after issuing a similar fatwa.____________

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