Queen of Sufi Qawwali Music, Abida Parveen

"The purpose of music, considered in relation to God, is to arouse longing for God, and passionate love for Him, and to produce states in which God reveals Himself and His favor, which are beyond description and known only by experience. These states are called ecstasy." Al-Ghazali, 10th Century Mystic.

"The gift to sing is God-given and does not distinguish between male and female. At the shrine, both men and women have equal access. They both have the right to sing and enjoy the experience of reading (spiritual) poetry." Abida Parveen.

"Born in 1954 in Larkana, Sindh[Pakistan], Abida Parveen was brought up in the environment of mysticism, and got basic education of music by her father Ghulam Haider and by Ustad Salamat Ali Khan from Lahore, but much of the credit of her grooming goes to her late husband Sheikh Ghulam Husain who was a music director of Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad. She also took training in Sufiana music from Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.
Undoubtedly, she is a versatile singer with wide spiritual awareness which is a rare phenomenon. She is an ardent believer for changing peoples' manners and altering their perceptions from worldly to the spiritual religious customs with the help of Sufi mystic music. Her prodigious command over the ornamental idiom and is apparent throughout her music.Due to her devotional contribution to Sufi music, she has been bestowed many awards notable among them are: Sachal Sarmast Gold Medal|Shah Abdul Latif Gold Medal|Qalander Lal Shahbaz Gold Medal|President's Gold Medal Award for Pride of Performances|Sindh Graduate Association Gold Medal.
She has performed in a wide range of venues both sacred and secular, from the shrines of saints in her native Sindh to the world’s greatest concert halls. Her philosophy of inspiration is not limited to the boundary walls of Sufism "One must always be inspired by many things. One must always seek a source of inspiration whether it be in the East or the West. We must be open to new ideas and absorb them," makes her win millions of hearts inland and abroad.
"Abida Parveen has given new life to Ghazals - her rendition of spiritual Sufi songs has given new dimensions to the art of Kafi and Ghazal singing." Eminent poet Kaifi Azmi."

Abida Parveen-Sufiana Kalam

Abida Parveen- Ya Ali

Abida Parveen-Man Kunto Maula

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