Conversations with God, a Poem by Rumi

خداوندا خداوند جهانی
خداوند زمین و آسمانی
خدای شرق و غرب و بر و بحری
خدای فوق و تحت و انس و جانی
جهان اول نبود آخر تو بودی
جهان آخر نماند تو بمانی
نماند زنده در عالم خلایق
تویی لایموت جاودانی
منزه پادشاه بی نظیری
خداوند مکان و لامکانی
یکی پیغمبری را تخت در مصر
یکی پیغمبری سازی شبانی
محمد را شب معراج یک شب
هزاران شربت وصلش چشانی
یکی راگنج بی رنجی دهی تو
نیازو نعمتش می پروانی
یکی را از برای یک شکم نان
بگرد جمله عالم میدوانی
خدایا تا زنده ام شاهم تو باشی
دلیل و منزل و راهم تو باشی

O Lord,
You're the Lord of the universe.
You're the Lord of the heaven and earth.
You're the Lord of the East and the West.

You're the Lord
of the land and the sea,
 the earth and the sky,
the humans and the souls.

O Lord,
You're the beginning and the end.
O Lord, 
This entire planet of yours will perish,
You're the only Everlasting One.
None of Your creatures
will survive in this universe of Yours,
You're the Immortal One.

O Lord,
You're the Lord of
The place and the place-less.
You're the unparalleled King.

O Lord,
To one Prophet (Moses),
You granted him the throne of Egypt.
To another Prophet (Jesus),
You sent him down as the "Good Shepherd".
To prophet Muhammad,
You bestowed a thousands tastes of union
on his 'Night journey' and 'Ascension night'.

O Lord,
To one person,
You shower him/her with treasures and happiness,
You fulfill all his/her dreams,
granting the best of Your lucks.

To another person,
You make him/her roam around the world

begging for a tiny loaf of bread.

O Lord,
For as long as I live,
You're my King and my reason for living.

O Lord,
You're my path and my ultimate destination.
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