Mehdi Hassan Sings Amir Khusro In Farsi

This is one of my favorite Ghazal renditions by the "King of Ghazal", the late Pakistani singer Mehdi Hassan. The poetry of the great 13th century Sufi poet of India, Amir Khusro, and the soothing voice of late Mehdi Hassan makes this a priceless performance and an artistic treasure.
Ghazal is an ancient Persian/Farsi poetic style which expresses a poem's pains of separation, loss, and the longing for a lost love. Sufi poets, such as the great Amir Khusro, have used Ghazal to not only poetically express their longing for Divine Love, but also the pain of a Sufi's lifelong suffering and lamentations for being separated from the Beloved.

Mehdi Hasan-Khabaram Rasida Imshab


The incomparable 13th century polyglot Sufi poet of India, Amir Khusro

خبرم رسيد امشب كه نگار خواهي آمد
سر من فداي راهي كه سوار خواهي آمد
به لبم رسيده جانم، تو بيا كه زنده مانم
پس از آن‌كه من نمانم، به‌چه كار خواهي آمد
غم و قصه فراقت بكشد چنان كه دائم
اگرم چو بخت روزي به‌كنار خواهي آمد
منم و دلي و آهي، ره تو درون اين دل
مرو ايمن اندر اين ره كه فگار خواهي آمد
همه آهوان صحرا سر خود گرفته بر كف
به‌اميد آن‌كه روزي به شكار خواهي آمد
كششي كه عشق دارد، نگذاردت بدينسان
به‌جنازه گر نيايي، به مزار خواهي آمد

امير خسرو دهلوي


The news came to me tonight

That Beloved
might be coming over .
I'd sacrifice my head
 upon the road
He might be riding.

All the gazelles of the desert
Have put their heads on their hands
In the hope that one day
You will come to hunt them all.

My life is barely hanging on my lips
Come on over so I can remain alive.

What good will it do

If You show up but I'm already gone?
The seduction of our love
Will not leave You unmoved,
Even if You don't show up at my funeral

You will one day
show up at my graveside..
Amir Khusro.

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