Rumi's Funeral Wishes

The rich and glorious Persian Literature has it that Rumi's funeral, which had lasted for 40 days, was attended by people of all creed and religious convictions - Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists. Despite being a Muslim funeral, Jews and Christians were reading from the Old and New Testament, and paying their respects. A Muslim had asked the Jews and Christian who were weeping bitterly and mourning the death of Rumi, “Why are you crying at the funeral of a Sufi Muslim?" “We esteemed him as the Moses, the David, and the Jesus of our time. We are all his followers and his disciples.”

Rumi's Funeral Wishes

For my funeral:
Call the drummers, the flute blowers,

 and tambourine players.
March toward my grave dancing,
Happy, intoxicated, and with hands clapping
So that people would know
That friends of God
Always go happy and smiling
Toward the place of reunion.

On my funeral day:
Don't say: What a separation!
It's my time to reunite with the Beloved.
You have seen my descent now watch my rising.
Why complaining about the settings
Of Sun and Moon?
Which seed that went under the earth
Has failed to grow up again?
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