A Musical Tribute to Rumi by DJ Mercan Dede

Mercan Dede (Arkın Ilıcalı) is a Turkish composer, Ney-Flute player, DJ and producer. He is a world music artist, playing a fusion of (traditionally acoustic) Turkish and other oriental musics with electronic sounds. The sound of Dede incorporates traditional instruments and other parts of the world, with horns, drum & bass dance beats, ambient electronic music and Sufi inspired spirituality.

Celebrating the 800th birthday of Maolana Rumi, Mercan Dede released his album, 800, with themes of Religious Tolerance and Peace. The essence of Sufism, Rumi taught, is counterpoint, everything exists with its opposite. Such a notion is superbly reflected in Dede's latest album that sees Persian, Indian, Turkish and Western music come together to form an impressive sound. The contrast between electronica and classical or folkloric arts cuts to the core of the Sufi philosophy that guides this one-of-a-kind artist. 800 proves to be a captivating and natural step in Dede's long an innovative career.. Mercan Dede's album '800' was selected as "Best Album of the Year" and "Best World Music Artist".

Watch & Enjoy Mercan Dede's extraordinary Sufi inspired fusions:

Ney Name-Mercan dede

Dream Of Shams-Mercan Dede

Ginhawa-Mercan Dede

Nafs-Ego by Mercan Dede

800-Mercan Dede

Abi Hayat-Mercan Dede

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