Jose Saramago: Responsibility of the Intellectuals

Jose Saramago, Portuguese writer, poet, essayist, and Noble Prize winner for literature 1998. Excerpts are from Saramago's essay "La responsabilidad de los intelectuales".

The genuine products of 3rd world Dictators and "Men of Power", the third world writers and intellectuals, are the fundamental elements of backwardness and oppression in the third world societies. Third world intellectuals, instead of struggling against injustice, oppression and misery, have transformed themselves as a major factor of those social maladies in those societies: by rehearsing all "State sponsored" fabricated lies and official propaganda, the third world writers and intellectuals end up destroying any possibility for creating new formulas for the liberation of the third world masses.

Analyzing those intellectuals and writers, one can easily find a growing sense of self-destructive notions of inferiority complexes. For the third world writer, writing means to exceed, to going all the way to the end (end of what?), to experiment the exotic sensations through fabricated true lies, and to propagate the Rulers' blessed and approved stereotyping. All of which are the undeniable reflections of the third world writers' subjective writings.

Those subjective writers have completely lost the very sense of oppressed masses' incessant cries and demands: justice, freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law, safeguarding the validity of an open, plural, democratic Society; and exploring the conscience and the innocence of the third world masses and their natural habitats.

Therefore, prior even exporting their so called revolutionary ideas and false claims of a unified front against the biased first world intellectuals, the third world writers and intellectuals must first find a way to produce, propagate, distribute, and consume the noble ideas of justice, freedom, liberty, democracy, human rights, and rule of law in their own societies and within themselves...

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